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A series of training and education programs for member fraternity staff and national volunteers focused on the structure, work, and initiatives of the Conference. 10...

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For additional assistance, contact Todd Shelton, Chief Communication Officer. Recent Research Findings 2020 Engagement Study - Research reaffirms fraternities’ positive impact for first-year student (Download Study)2021...

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Resource: Breaking the Chain of Infection

James R. Favor & Company is pleased to provide the Breaking the Chain of Infection, Guidance for a Healthful Living Environment for Fraternity and Sorority Chapters for your immediate...

Boardable 90-days free for new accounts

90-day free for new accounts to help nonprofit boards continue to operate during this time - Learn more

Statement regarding Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

We are disappointed that Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity has decided to leave the NIC and offended in the manner they communicated their departure. To set...

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