Fraternal Excellence

NIC Position: An unfaltering commitment to fraternal excellence from NIC members is essential to the advancement of all fraternities.

Clarifying Points:

  1. NIC member fraternities are committed to holding their members accountable to their organization’s standards.
  2. NIC member fraternities embrace their interfraternal responsibility of holding fellow NIC members accountable to the conference’s Standards.
  3. The NIC opposes any action by a host institution that directly contradicts the conference’s standards including its Health and Safety Guidelines.


  1. To achieve fraternal excellence, it is incumbent on all fraternity men to hold themselves and their brothers accountable to the principles of their organization. Without accountability, standards are merely words on paper.
  2. All fraternities teach values, integrity, honor, and striving for high personal and academic achievement to create a framework through which a fraternity man can endeavor to become the best version of himself. Adherence to these principles has helped shaped generations of campus, civic, and business leaders.
  3. The values systems taught by fraternities are aspirational in nature, and while they differ slightly from organization to organization, they all center on providing young men some of the tools necessary to be better people and to be positive, contributing members of their communities.
  4. Achieving fraternal excellence is also a community endeavor. Accordingly, NIC members, in holding each other accountable to Conference Standards, advance the fraternal movement on a broader scale. This is true at the national level through the NIC, and at the local level through, for example, Interfraternity Councils (IFCs). The NIC appreciates support from host institutions that reinforce the conference’s Health and Safety Guidelines. Further, the conference recognizes that some campuses have unique circumstances. Campus administrators are encouraged to contact the conference should a potential conflict arise with the conference’s Health and Safety Guidelines.

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