NIC Anti-Harassment Policy

The North American Interfraternity Conference is proud of its tradition of treating all individuals with dignity and respect. Each individual has the right to work or volunteer in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits any form of harassment, including but not limited to sexual, racial, or gender harassment. Any form of harassment, whether verbal, physical, or environmental, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.   

This policy applies to the following: employees (whether the conduct is by or toward an employee), contractors, applicants for employment, vendors, alliance partners, or volunteers, including Governing Council members.   

We encourage immediate reporting of all perceived incidents of harassment. If an individual believes that he or she is being harassed, or believes that his or her employment or involvement is being affected by such conduct directed at someone else, the individual should immediately discuss their concerns with the President/CEO or the General Counsel of the NIC.   

If a person covered by this policy knows of an incident of harassment, they are required to immediately bring the incident to the attention of the President/CEO or the General Counsel of the NIC.  

Complaints of harassment will be investigated confidentially and as timely as possible. The complainant may request for the allegation to be resolved formally or informally. The President/CEO and the General Counsel of the NIC will determine, depending on the circumstances and severity, which of the following is warranted: (1) intervention/informal resolution; (2) internal investigation; or (3) external investigation. In the event that an internal investigation is conducted, it will be led by the General Counsel, who will prepare a report of findings and recommendations to the President/CEO. In the event that an external investigation is conducted, the General Counsel will coordinate with a qualified, independent third party investigator, who will prepare a report of findings and recommendations to the President/CEO and the General Counsel.

If, after a thorough investigation, the NIC finds this policy has been violated, appropriate corrective action will be taken. If the NIC is not able to determine whether a violation of this policy occurred, that will be communicated to the complainant in an appropriately sensitive manner. The NIC will not retaliate or permit retaliation against an individual who submits a complaint under this policy. Retaliation will be considered a separate violation of this policy and will be handled according to the procedures set forth herein. A written record of the complaint, investigation, and resolution will be (1) maintained for five years from the date of the resolution unless the circumstances dictate that the file should be kept for a longer period of time; and (2) disclosed to the Governing Council by the President/CEO and/or General Counsel.