Current NIC Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners are key contributors to the work of member organizations and our professionals. These organizations have committed to providing excellent service and support to NIC member organizations. The NIC strives to build relationships with partners who understand the work of fraternities and how they can best serve your needs. “Distinguished” level partners support both the NIC and the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence.



At the intersection of FinTech and fraternity, OmegaFi, headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, provides financial, fundraising and communication software, payment solutions and support for fraternities and sororities across the United States. Their innovative tools, expertise and customer-centered approach help fraternal chapters, house corporations, headquarters and foundations optimize operational efficiency and increase revenue. Partnering with OmegaFi provides administrative relief and support allowing key officers and staff members to focus on mission-driven priorities.


Pennington & Company is unique in the world of fundraising counsel because, like NIC organizations, they have a passion for the life-changing experience that membership in a Greek-letter organization provides. Now celebrating 25 years of service to fraternities and sororities, Pennington has raised more than $650 million in support of fraternal housing and have worked with more than 800 house corporations on over 145 campuses. They’ve also collaborated with 22 inter/national fraternal foundations to achieve these goals. For the past 15 years, Pennington has compiled IRS 990s as a service to the industry to help establish benchmarks and gauge trends for NIC member fraternities and FFE member foundations.



In 2018, Billhighway and greekbill joined forces to create a combination of top organizations in the fraternal space. For the past 18 years, Billhighway has helped fraternal organizations simplify and take control of chapter finances. They specialize in chapter dues billing and collection, expense management and house corporation finances. Their partner-centric approach allows for solution flexibility to enable and connect the best technology in the industry. Billhighway has helped 20+ national fraternal organizations streamline accounting, increase cash flow and reduce expenses to increase focus on members.

Greekbill has provided financial solutions to fraternal organizations for over 20 years. Their flexible and newly re-designed platform focuses on budgeting, billing and payment processing for fraternities and sororities. Greekbill enables individual chapters and house corporations as well as national organizations to streamline financial operations.


Fraternal Law Partners, a division of Manley Burke, LPA, was founded in 2012 to serve the legal needs of fraternities, sororities, student life organizations and their related charitable foundations. Fraternal Law Partners provides legal counsel on business matters – real estate and housing, corporate governance, employment issues, tax, grant-making, and fundraising and stewardship support – as well as risk management and hazing counsel, crisis and incident management, litigation and other liability issues.


Greek House Chefs is the industry leader in custom food service for Fraternities and Sororities across the country. We provide chapters with made-from-scratch meals, custom menus, complimentary special event services and most importantly, we’ll bring your Chapter home for dinner.


Clients hire us for the personal attention, hard work, street smarts, and excellent value we bring to each case. We are both nimble and tenacious. By leveraging our uncompromising experience in every aspect of our practice, we provide fierce, savvy representation for high-profile matters.


Plaid is a professional, evidence-based consulting company specializing in all aspects of personal and organizational development. We assist individuals with their self-awareness in their commitment to personal growth and development, while helping organizations stay true to their purpose and achieve the highest possible performance.



Alpha Fraternity Management is pleased to announce the merger of S&T Fraternity Management and Alpha Management Group, who together will deliver fraternity management solutions nationwide. Alpha Fraternity Management (AFM) provides full-service fraternity management solutions to national fraternity housing operations, house corporations and fraternity property owners. AFM makes it possible for alumni leaders, national staff and members to work together to develop and maintain operational excellence and deliver a safe, quality housing experience. AFM’s comprehensive business management programs include creating a business plan for each organization with implementation of day-to-day operations management, collections, leasing, financial management, ongoing cash flow projections, financing, renovations, maintenance, repairs, and security deposit damage accountability. Having managed fraternity properties for over 25 years, AFM’s proven programs result in improved income, reduced expenses, higher quality chapter houses, and stronger boards. AFM’s focus is improving the fraternity housing experience and chapter culture through management excellence, which creates a stable chapter environment where members thrive.


Our vision for Alton Lane is to be the best place in the world for you to get the clothes that make you look and feel your best. Our brand is built on delivering exceptional fit, quality and value through a revolutionary experience. Find your perfect fit today.


College Fresh provides food service to fraternities and sororities all across the nation. Our mission is to provide great, fresh food, backed up by the best service in the industry.


CSL partners with local house corporations and international facility management organizations to ensure chapter houses run safely, smoothly, and cost-effectively. CSL partners have come to expect a level of expertise, support, and commitment from the CSL team that enables organization staff and volunteers to spend more time investing in students and less time managing the physical structure. With a “meet you where you are” approach, CSL takes great pride in fulfilling strategic, short-term and day-to-day housing obligations with tenacity, passion and confidentiality. Ultimately, CSL’s goal is to be a valued partner in support of a residential experience that fosters a sense of community, continuity, and connection – an experience that is uniquely accessible within the halls of all chapter facilities. CSL is grateful for the opportunity to support the fraternity/sorority experience, the lessons available through it, and a long and successful partnership with interfraternal staff and volunteers.


At Holmes Murphy, we speak your language. Get in touch with us today for an easy translation of all things risk management! We’re proud to partner with the NIC and fraternal organizations as our number one specialty.


Phired Up Productions and TechniPhi help fraternities and sororities grow. These company’s products, services, and brands are creating the future of fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join. These companies deliver relationship-focused, data-driven, results-producing Technology, Education, and Strategy solutions for every aspect of the pre-member experience from first-impression through initiation.

Our team of passionate fraternity/sorority professionals are engineers of a growth system that makes fraternities and sororities safer, healthier, and stronger. We want to help every chapter and every potential member feel the impact of that system.


RISE helps fraternity/sorority leaders do their best work. We provide training, consulting, and curriculum to help students, volunteers, and professionals build their capacity and unravel the most complex problems. Our partners gain the expertise of our staff members, who combine research, evidence, and best practice from a variety of fields to find new and better ways to advance fraternity and sorority communities.



Developed at no cost to our clients, we provide the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI) programs to aid inter/national organizations in tackling the most pressing risk management issues on college campuses today. The research-based, expert-developed modules have been delivered to more than 90,000 undergraduates in 10 organizations by over 280 trained facilitators. Topics include preventing sexual misconduct, alcohol and other drugs and hazing prevention and intervention.



Affinity Consultants strives to solve organizational challenges through proven licensing, marketing, public relations , and design solutions with a focus on engaging members for life. We handle the trademark protection and licensing for more than 115 fraternal organizations and associations, and we are proud to provide a singular and streamlined voice to the licensing movement by bringing together the similar needs and interests of our clients’ nearly 8 million members.


The ATL Airport District is home to the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC), the second largest convention center in the state. It is one of the most convenient destinations for meetings and trade shows in the country. Connected to the Atlanta Airport via free SkyTrain and complimentary airport shuttles, the District can save you over 80% in transportation costs. It has more than 8,000 leading brand hotel rooms that include full-service Marriott, Hilton, Westin & Renaissance properties. Let the ATL Airport District CVB present hotel/convention center options today!


The Greek Division of Herff Jones serves as Official Jeweler to most organizations in the Greek letter community. Corporately headquartered in Indianapolis, with our jewelry manufacturing located near Providence, RI, our talented artisans produce the finest fraternal pins, badges, rings, and accessory jewelry for our customers, in addition to offering other quality recognition products such as custom awards and plaques, medallions, honor cords and stoles, and fine paper products including membership certificates and charters. All our products are backed by our exclusive Lifetime Warranty and proactive, highly personal and experienced service that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Thus our mission: Making Membership for Meaningful.


Consulting with national boards, volunteers, staff members, chapters, communities and alumni/ae advisors and corporations. Strategic planning, jumpstarting strategic plans, board versus staff responsibilities, board of directors education, onboarding and evaluation. Specialize in leadership consultant and staff training with case studies, risk management, investigations, membership reviews and recommitment procedures and chapter assessments. “Executive Director in a box.”


memberplanet, with 35+ fraternal partners, is a best-in-class online engagement platform designed to address every aspect of chapter and alumni group management, including multi-tiered membership billing for chapter and alumni, digital membership cards, event management, email newsletter communication, online forms, donation sites, member data management, and more. They provide administrators and members with a full suite of easy-to-use tools on one platform, accessible through desktop or mobile device (including a custom-branded mobile app). memberplanet is designed to meet the needs of any size organization, either acting as primary database or integrating with an existing database. With an intimate understanding of the unique needs of the interfraternal community, coupled with knowledge of engagement best practices derived from member-based organizations in the association, fraternal, educational, nonprofit and military verticals, memberplanet is an active and passionate partner committed to coordinated community action.



Award Concepts has been a manufacturer of custom emblematic jewelry for over 30 years. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control, dedicated customer care team and competitive prices have granted us the privilege of becoming the official jeweler of many Greek and fraternal organizations. In addition to jewelry, we specialize in graduation regalia including honor stoles, graduation cords and medallions as well as branded merchandise from apparel to mugs and everything in between so that members can proudly display their affiliation. We also offer an array of certificate services from providing certificate stock with embossed seals for organizations to print their own certificates, to actually printing individual member certificates and shipping to chapters for presentation. Our fulfillment services allow our customers to free up space and time so they can focus on what matters most- growing their organization.


Campus Cooks believes every fraternity and sorority deserves healthy, quality food; meals prepared by a professional, well-trained staff; and a meal service program that eliminates the stress of managing a kitchen for student leaders, house directors, and alumni advisors.


Campus Culinary Solutions, LLC is made up of a team of talented Chefs who provide outstanding food service to Fraternities, Sororities, dining halls and facilities. CCS knows exactly what to cook to keep students happy and healthy. Our one and only mission is to feed the college students amazing food each and every meal.

Campus Culinary Solutions, LLC was started by two life-long food service professionals recognizing the need for a more flexible and individually unique food service provider to Fraternities and Sororities, dining halls and facilities. With decades of combined food service knowledge the Campus Culinary Solutions team has a complete understanding of what it takes to bring a quality experience and food service to Fraternities and Sororities, dining halls and facilities.


Computer System Innovations (CSI) is a dynamic, team-oriented technology consulting company committed to providing value-added Engagement Management Software (EMS) solutions, websites, and services to top Fraternal Groups in the U.S. Contact CSI for a range of services including Business Process Optimization, IT Planning, Solution Implementation, Website Development, Data Migration, Analytics & Reporting, User Documentation, Technical Support and Training as well as software solutions such as iMIS EMS, Interactive Chapter Experience (ICE), and Kentico Web Content Management Solution.


We make travel easier and more social. Throughout 350+ unique group trips, we organise accommodation, food, experiences and transport, so you can relax and focus on exploring the world with young travelers just like you.


CrowdChange helps fraternity and sorority leaders enhance chapters’ philanthropic work on campus. They unite campus philanthropy events on one centralized platform, with features that help students raise more money and increase engagement in events. Combining the best technology and social media, CrowdChange is spreading across the country with a platform students love. At the end of a year with CrowdChange, you will have a dashboard that showcases all of the philanthropy work your chapters have done. This can be a powerful marketing tool to help show the world what fraternities are all about.


EVERFI partners with organizations, institutions, and educators to revolutionize the way education is developed and delivered—using today’s technology to connect learning to the real world and equip communities with the skills they need for success in the 21st century.


Fraternal Composite Service, Inc ® is company spanning three generations of family ownership and operation and have served Greek communities across the nation since 1954. We have combined the best that digital photography has to offer with our tradition of handcrafting composites we create what we firmly believe are the most artistic and long lasting composites available today.

We are confident that Fraternal Composite Service would be the perfect match for the creative and cost effective photography serves that you are looking for. We strive to celebrate and show our support to each chapter.


Dining halls can be a long way away—especially when you’re hungry! Our service allows you to eat at your own house. Your chapter will receive its own personal chef that customizes lunch and dinner meals every day. Our bulk purchasing ability and low overhead allow us to deliver a great service that’s a better value than dining halls or eating at restaurants, which makes living in a chapter house an attractive–and delicious–option. All food is made fresh and comes immediately from the oven to the plate or the buffet.


Krittenbrink Architecture LLC is an architecture firm based out of Norman, Oklahoma, established in 1996. Krittenbrink Architecture LLC is an expert in Historical, Greek Housing, Commercial, Institutional, Residential and Multifamily Residential projects offering services in Architecture, Interior Design along with Master Planning, Development Planning, Zoning and Appeals.


Marriott International, Inc. is a leading global lodging company with more than 6,500 properties across 127 countries and territories. Founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott and guided by family leadership for 90 years, the company is headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. in Bethesda, Maryland.


Mobilize Rescue Systems provides easy-to-use solutions that guide lay rescuers through the best way to provide assistance to victims of various emergencies. The systems include step-by-step instructions and supplies to help bystanders manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, chest trauma, hypothermia, burns, and more—all while an ambulance is en route.

Each Mobilize Rescue Systems product contains medical equipment that pairs with interactive software to help bystanders manage emergencies. The Mobilize Rescue Systems app helps individuals have the knowledge necessary to save lives using the supplies in the rescue kit. The program asks mostly yes/no questions to assess the victim, points to the proper color-coded and labeled equipment, and then provides simple instructions on how to help the victim.


Shelle is a marketing/communications firm with focus on advocating for the fraternity/sorority experience. We channel the passion for your organization into creative energy that speaks to your members. Since 1988, Shelle has been partnering with fraternal teams to transform the narrative, elevate brand presence, ignite fund growth and build support through engaging experiences.


Proudly serving Fraternities, Upper Crust Food Service is known for freshness, quality, variety, and excellent customer service. Upper Crust Food Service began with a vision to solve a problem that many Fraternity houses face. That problem is a lack of consistency and professionalism in the kitchen. With a focus on great food and personal service, we’ve remained true to our roots. Today, the chefs of Upper Crust Food Service prepare tens of thousands of meals weekly for students across the country.