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System-Wide Actions

NIC Position: The NIC opposes system-wide actions that suspend activities for fraternity chapters that have no credible allegations of policy violations.

Single-Sex Fraternal Experiences

NIC Position: Students have the right to participate in a positive and enriching single-sex fraternal experience that aligns with the conference’s Standards.

Partnerships with Host Institutions

NIC Position:  A collaborative partnership between fraternities and host institutions aids in the co-curricular development of students while also fostering greater loyalty towards their alma...

Fraternal Excellence

NIC Position: An unfaltering commitment to fraternal excellence from NIC members is essential to the advancement of all fraternities. Clarifying Points:

Position Statements

GUIDANCE ON KEY ISSUES The NIC takes positions on critical issues within the interfraternal community. These positions align...

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Statement regarding announced sophomore deferred recruitment at Duke University

We strongly disagree with and do not accept Duke University's decision to restrict first-year students from joining fraternities or sororities until their...

Organization Conduct Adjudication Principles

NIC Position: In order to achieve fraternal excellence, fraternities must be held to high standards. Organizational adjudication process should be fundamentally fair and rooted...

IFC Resources

The NIC provides crucial support to IFCs through working with our staff and volunteers as well as...