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PRIME: The Summit of IFC Presidents

JAN. 4 – 6, 2019DOUBLETREE | CINCINNATI IFC Presidents have an enormous job....

LAUNCH: a jumping-off point for fraternity & sorority leaders

It’s not difficult to focus on challenges we face, but what if instead of getting down on...

IMPACT: Campus-based Leadership Institute

Most college students know the “right thing to do” to advance fraternity. Yet, they lack courage and motivation to carry...

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Booking the parents for speaking engagements

Through the Love, Mom & Dad program, parents share their very personal stories of how hazing has impacted their families and lives,...

Statement on racially offensive photos

The North American Interfraternity Conference is deeply disappointed by offensive photos that have recently resurfaced involving fraternity men from decades ago.

Statement on previously dismissed claims against Yale and fraternities

Three female students filed suit today against Yale University and nine fraternities seeking to make fraternity membership co-ed among other issues.

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