The mission of an Interfraternity Council (IFC) is to foster a healthy and vibrant fraternity community. The IFC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provide structure and support—a baseline for policies and practices—for IFCs to operate in accordance with NIC Standards, endorsed by all inter/national member fraternities of the NIC.

Implementing the Standard Operating Procedures will help an IFC anticipate and address critical operational needs, while serving its member chapters and advocating for the fraternity experience.

IFCs should aim to align with the IFC SOP — first ensuring that baseline, Level 1 expectations are achieved, then focusing on higher-level, aspirational operations. For assistance, please contact your VP of Campus Support.

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  1. IFC has in its bylaws criteria that only allows full membership to single-sex men’s organizations that align with NIC Standards. (Governance)
  2. IFC has policies and practices aligned with the NIC’s Responsible Growth and Interest Group Protocols that guarantee all students a path to IFC membership. (Membership Access)
  3. IFC pays its annual NIC dues. (Finance)
  1. IFC has proper insurance coverage for its officers, advisors and volunteers. (Finance)
  2. IFC has a constitution and bylaws that is reviewed annually. (Governance)
  3. IFC adopts an open bidding policy that allows member fraternities to extend bids to interested men at any time. (Recruitment)
  4. IFC has social event policies that align with the NIC’s Health and Safety Guidelines. (Health and Safety)
  5. IFC has health and safety policies that include a medical good samaritan policy. (Health and Safety)
  6. IFC has health and safety policies that include a process for implementing a temporary pause on social activities. (Health and Safety)
  7. IFC updates its contact information and chapter listing in FS Central. (Administrative)
  8. IFC Officers meet regularly with the IFC Advisor. (Leadership)
  1. All IFC bills are paid on time and in full. (Finance)
  2. IFC files required tax forms annually. (Finance)
  3. The IFC budget is approved annually by a vote of member chapters. (Finance)
  4. IFC operates within a financial planning framework which includes basic financial controls. (Finance)
  5. IFC provides a detailed reporting on its financial performance to all IFC delegates at least twice per term. (Finance)
  6. IFC has a governance structure which consists of chapter presidents as the primary delegate. (Governance)
  7. IFC has a clear document retention policy with centralized file storage system. (Administrative)
  8. IFC conducts an annual officer training / transition retreat. (Governance)
  9. IFC has a position responsible for planning and implementing risk management, risk prevention and student safety efforts. (Health and Safety)
  10. IFC provides health and safety education. (Health and Safety)
  11. IFC sponsors educational programs for fraternity members on alcohol, hazing, sexual misconduct and self-governance. (Programming)
  12. The IFC maintains a new member interest list. (Recruitment)
  13. The IFC recruitment officer compiles and distributes resources for chapter recruitment officers. (Recruitment)
  14. IFC completes the End of Term Report following each academic term. (Reporting)
  1. IFC has Policies and Programming for all-fraternity GPA to be above all-men’s average (AMA). (Academics)
  2. IFC has both a strategic communications and crisis management plan which is reviewed annually by all IFC officers and delegates. (Communications)
  3. The IFC maintains a website updated with information for members, chapters, parents, university administrators and potential members. (Communications)
  4. IFC officers conduct personal outreach to all chapter presidents and visit chapter meetings at least once a term. (Leadership)
  5. IFC sets multi-year goals that are passed on to future leadership teams. (Governance)
  6. The IFC has a service and philanthropy strategy with ongoing, active community partnerships. (Programming)
  7. The IFC provides belonging and inclusion programming and resources for member chapters (may be in conjunction with campus or fraternity/sorority community programming). (Programming)
  8. IFC provides education on peer governance to chapter leaders. (Accountability)
  9. The IFC conducts an annual goal-setting process that actively involves the chapter presidents in setting the direction and priorities for the council. (Governance)
  10. IFC has a cap on the number of events with alcohol. (Health and Safety)
  11. IFC Officers meet regularly with the counterparts on other undergraduate fraternity/sorority councils. (Leadership)
  12. IFC executes an annual marketing plan for its community. (Recruitment)
  1. IFC recognizes chapters for excellence in scholarship programs and high academic performance. (Academics)
  2. IFC actively partners with admissions, orientation and residence hall staff to introduce students and their families to fraternity membership. (Recruitment)
  3. IFC has in its bylaws a policy that prohibits an IFC from being involved in a sexual misconduct adjudication or hazing investigation process (Council can request an exemption to adjudicate a hazing case if it is an independent council or if the host institution does not hear organizational hazing cases). (Accountability)
  4. IFC has a community judicial policy and process with accountability mechanisms that align with NIC Standards, Position Statements and Health and Safety Guidelines. (Accountability)
  5. IFC provides judicial board training for its members. (Accountability)
  6. The IFC judicial board issues sanctions that are educational, developmental and consistent with the violation. (Accountability)
  7. The IFC judicial board uses a written sanction contract to explain the terms of each sanction and procedures for completing them. (Accountability)
  8. IFC judicial officers have a direct working relationship with campus conduct officials. (Accountability)
  9. IFC president meets annually with the university president and vice president of student affairs. (Leadership)
  10. IFC has a working relationship with undergraduate student government, programming and activities boards. (Leadership)
  11. IFC hosts an annual awards program for its member chapters (potentially in conjunction with campus recognition). (Programming)
  12. IFC submits awards applications for NIC or regional conference recognition. (Programming)