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COVID-19 Business Resources

Parents Guide to Remote Learning

EVERFI's digital lessons are used by more than two million K-12 students, and thanks to our sponsors, are always available to school...

CSL Facility Preventative Measures

Facility Preventative MeasuresCSL Response to date

Boardable 90-days free for new accounts

90-day free for new accounts to help nonprofit boards continue to operate during this time - Learn more

Resources for working from home

The Verge guide to working from home - tips and tricks on being a remote workerFast Company - Strategies to Manage Your...

Center for Disease Control: Coronavirus Information

Everyday preventive actionsSymptoms How it spreadsShare the Facts, Stop FearCDC Full COVID-19 website

Latest articles

Statement on Indiana U. encouraging closure of fraternity facilities

The health and safety of members and the community is the top priority for fraternities at IU. Fraternities and housing corporations are...

New Pike Study: Fraternity and Sorority Members Significantly More Engaged, Satisfied

August 31, 2020 Indianapolis, IN—Long-time prominent higher education researcher Dr. Gary R. Pike of Indiana University recently presented conclusions...

Poster: 3 Tips to COVID-19 Safety

A top priority is the health and safety of fraternity members and the community which starts with the simple things: wear a...

Resource: Breaking the Chain of Infection

James R. Favor & Company is pleased to provide the Breaking the Chain of Infection, Guidance for a Healthful Living Environment...