The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is an endorsed, trademarked brand of the North American Interfraternity Conference. Endorsed brands are independent sub-brands supported by the master brand (NIC). This relationship is vital because, while Interfraternity Councils are an important part of the NIC and benefits from its association to the NIC, there are situations where they need to be their own brand.

The IFC logo exists in multiple formats for ease of use across many mediums. Additionally, it can be customized for individual campuses. While you should always use the preferred format, when layouts demand an alternate approach, the following are approved versions.

IFC Brand

Interfraternity Council/IFC logos are available for use in materials by your IFC. Request logo from the NIC communication team. NOTE: To produce merchandise or apparel, you will need to purchase through a licensed vendor available below.

Vertical (centered) format with IFC Compass/Torch and Logotype. 

Horizontal (left aligned) format with IFC Compass/Torch and Logotype.

Horizontal (left aligned) format with IFC Compass/Torch and “IFC”.

To request customized IFC logos for your campus, contact your NIC Vice President of Campus Operations.

The IFC logo has been designed for optimal performance. Avoid modifying any element of the logo and use only as provided.

The Logotype has been designed with ideal kerning and leading (spacing). Always use the logo mark and typography lockups provided. 

  • · Do not use the logotype only as the logo mark.
  • · Do not add a colored border.
  • · Do not rotate or skew the logo.
  • · Do not change the font.
  • · Do not alter the color scheme.
  • · Do not change the approved colors.
  • · Do not add imagery to the IFC Compass/Torch or logotype.
  • · Do not use the IFC Compass/Torch with previous versions of logotype.
  • · Do not use old IFC logos.
  • · Do not add text or imagery to the IFC Compass/Torch.
  • · Do not add logos/icons to the IFC Compass/Torch.
  • · Do not overlap the IFC Compass/Torch.
  • · Do not add text over the IFC Compass/Torch.
  • · Do not photoshop the IFC Compass/Torch or Logotype with effects.
  • · Do not add an image behind. 
  • · Do not incorporate the IFC Compass/Torch into crests or other logos.
  • · Do not use a gradient behind the IFC Compass/Torch or logotype.
  • Clear space for the IFC logo is defined by the total size reduced to 25%, which gives the clear space “X” size.
  • Due to the detail, minimum size allowed is 1”.
  • You should not attempt to recreate the logotype.
  • Logo colors should not be changed in the full-color logo. A one-color version is available which can be used in any color (such as for t-shirt printing).

IFC Identity Materials

The IFC identity materials or stationary may consist of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and personalized notecards. For template or guidance, contact the NIC communication team.


Our licensing program protects our trademarks. Our goal is to license only vendors producing quality NIC/IFC merchandise and providing excellent customer service. Those vendors that we have given permission to utilize our marks are called licensed vendors. When you purchase products from licensed vendors, you are supporting NIC/IFC and our licensing program and protecting the history and values of our organization.

All merchandise must be purchased through NIC licensed vendors for a complete list visit: WWW.GREEKLICENSING.COM


Questions related to licensed vendors or merchandise contact the NIC communication team.


We have made it easy for you to find a wide assortment of apparel and merchandise through one trusted site. Shop for IFC Gear at: WWW.IFCGEAR.COM