It’s not difficult to focus on challenges we face, but what if instead of getting down on issues we identify, we turned our perspectives to the positive?

LAUNCH does just that. It’s intended to explore the best of the fraternity and sorority experience and transform it into dynamic solutions to community challenges.

LAUNCH is a one-day retreat supporting fraternity and sorority campus leaders. Through this engaging, participant-driven experience, chapter presidents and council officers will build relationships, explore individual and shared issues, and set goals to address them.

The goal of the program is to bring fraternity and sorority leaders together to kick off the officer term together positively.


LAUNCH curriculum emphasizes:

  • Establishing community expectations
  • Building relationships
  • Identifying issues
  • Problem solving
  • Community planning


LAUNCH is designed to bring together fraternity and sorority chapter presidents and council leaders as they kick off their officer terms together. The curriculum allows for guided conversation driven by participant perspectives, culminating in identification of goals for the term and beyond.

The general structure of the program includes a collective experience (all in one large-group setting) with individual reflection and small-group conversations throughout.

LAUNCH can be held in a single-day and may be held on campus. The NIC will provide program curriculum and one lead facilitator. This retreat can be held in conjunction with or in addition to existing programming and can be tailored to meet the needs of your campus community.