Ashlee Canty Takes on Campus VP Role in the Northeast

Indianapolis, October 31, 2018—Known throughout the higher education community for her commitment to leadership development and interfraternalism, Ashlee Louise Canty ...
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On Greeks and academic performance, national data tells a different story

We read with interest the Chronicle of Higher Education’s interview with William E. Even about the recent study he and Austin ...
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Parents who lost sons to hazing join fraternities and sororities to form anti-hazing coalition

New York—In an unprecedented partnership, four families who have lost their sons to hazing are coming together with fraternities and ...
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NIC fraternities ban hard alcohol in decisive action

Indianapolis—In an important, decisive action to enhance health and safety in fraternity communities, the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) recently ...
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Clark J. Brown joins NIC team as General Counsel

Indianapolis, May 29, 2018—Clark J. Brown will join the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) team as General Counsel beginning Aug ...
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Todd Shelton joins NIC team as Senior Director of Communication

Indianapolis, March 7, 2018—Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) President Todd Shelton will bring nearly two decades of strategic communication experience to ...
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