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Preparing for a Successful Fall as an IFC

Resources shared in the chat: Register for the 8/16 or 8/17 Tikkit FSL webinarImpact Brochure

IFC Campus Activism Briefing


Hazing Prevention Legislation Update: Understanding Collin’s Law in Ohio

This moderated discussion with legal experts discussed the details of Collin's Law and the things chapter officers, council officers, and chapter advisors should be...

IFC SOP Alignment: Integration/Dues Collection Strategy

This webinar briefly reviews the IFC Standard Operating Procedures and discusses strategies to implement these policies within your IFC. VIEW WEBINAR

Planning a Fall Council Retreat

This webinar covers how to plan a strong council retreat to set your IFC up for success this fall, set goals and priorities for...

Implementing a DEI Strategy

Learn how to best implement a DEI officer and initiatives within your IFC. Also, review the DEI Resources available to your IFC through the...

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