IFC Judicial Officer

IFC Judicial Officer Fast 5

Expectations for this leadership role.

Job description

Outline of duties and responsibilities.

Sample Constitution

The IFC must maintain Constitution and Bylaws that are consistent with all NIC Standards.

IFC Judicial Policy

Sample operating policy for the council.

IFC Code of Conduct

This code should be adopted as a part of your IFC Constitution and Bylaws.

IFC Judicial Code

Example from the Model Constitution and Bylaws that your IFC can utilize in the development of your own code.

Judicial Complaint Form

Template for IFC leaders to intake complains against members/chapters.

IFC jurisdiction — What should the IFC oversee?

When to review internally vs. when to engage with external parties.

Sample Judicial Process

Sep-by-step guide for handling member fraternity conduct.

Sanctioning 101

Steps an IFC can take to help member fraternities realize that unacceptable behavior must not be repeated.

Training resources for a Judicial Board/Committee

Planning guide for a committee education retreat.

NIC/AFA Joint Statement on Recruitment as a Sanction

Formal position from oversight organizations on why educational sanctions are more successful.