Upper Crust Food Service COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 has certainly affected Greek Life in a major way. Upper Crust Food Service has always taken pride in leading this niche industry in innovation when it comes to delicious food offerings and operational excellence. They are now taking that same dedication and turning their attention towards what the “new normal” will look like in the fall.

As we return to campus many of the traditional ways that their food service company interacts with customers will change based on local health department regulations. They expect that just as every house has unique flavor profiles, that each University and local health authorities will respond to this pandemic in different ways. Their promise to customers is that they will stay on top of these new requirements and communicate suggested best practices as part of the “new normal.”

Upper Crust Food Service has put together this Post COVID-19 Operational Plan to address many of the common questions they have received as well as outline best practices that they are suggesting in the upcoming school year.