The NIC’s Undergraduate Award of Distinction recognizes fraternity men who, throughout in their collegiate experience, have found an outlet for development as both a leader and a better man. They are exemplary members of their organizations and serve their brothers, campuses and fraternity/sorority communities with humble confidence.


Cole Barnhill – Sigma Nu (University of Mississippi)  

An honorable leader of his chapter, campus community and IFC, Cole Barnhill is thoughtful, composed and focused on the betterment of individuals and organizations he interacts with. Not only did he boast a 3.93 GPA while at Mississippi, he also held an impressive number of leadership roles, which were all executed with his full attention. Barnhill served Sigma Nu locally as Alumni Relations Chairman, LEAD Chairman and Philanthropy Chairman – for the largest single-chapter philanthropy in the Greek world – as well as on the Fraternity’s High Council and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. In addition, he dedicated time to the Mississippi fraternal community serving as Interfraternity Council president, vice president of standards and as a member of the Judicial Board. He is a natural leader, an altruistic individual who leads by example and a diligent student with a commitment to excellence. 

Andrew Breasure – Pi Kappa Phi Phi (North Carolina State University) 

An influencer and passionate leader, Andrew Breasure positioned himself and his chapter to reach great heights as a young chapter that was recently re-founded. From getting his chapter involved in Pi Kappa Phi’s The Ability Experience to rolling out a War of the Roses competition (raising money and awareness for people with disabilities on NC State’s campus), he took the organization’s philanthropy to heart. In addition to leading his chapter, he led the fraternity community through unprecedented times as the IFC president. He worked closely with the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life at NC State assessing fraternity-related issues, COVID-19 strategies and recruitment techniques all while continuing to support the IFC officers and chapter presidents. Breasure puts service before self and has changed the community around him in countless ways. 

Denson Clark – Alpha Tau Omega (Auburn University)  

A hard-working, reliable leader and trusted friend, Denson Clark served the Auburn IFC on their cabinet, as executive vice president and most recently as president, where through his role he led more than 3,000 men in 25 fraternities. With an excellent ability to manage administrative tasks, he understands the value of garnering feedback and support to create policies and programs that are supported by many types of stakeholders. As IFC president, he led the creation of a new university event policy which resulted in a documented process and implementation for events which has been hailed by the 8,000+ Greek community. Clark has a passion for the fraternal experience and a passion for helping people in any way that he can. 

Chris Gomez – Phi Kappa Tau (California State University, Long Beach)  

With a passion for building community, Chris Gomez is a leader who takes on challenges and brings his positive attitude and marketing skillset to every new venture. As chapter president, he hosted an alumni fundraising dinner – Phi Taucos – to alleviate chapter debt accrued, he also hosted dinners with each of Panhellenic sororities on campus to better Greek relations. As IFC director of recruitment, Gomez went above and beyond to help struggling chapters at CSULB and was a champion for bringing another group on campus through virtual expansion during the height of COVID-19. He is a full-time student who works off-campus, holds leadership positions and is a budding entrepreneur bringing nacho bars near college campuses providing an expanded sense of belonging and community to more than just students. 

Ryan Jeffries – Sigma Chi (Oklahoma State University)  

A transformational student leader, Ryan Jeffries has held positions and been involved with Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, Association of Information Technology Professionals and Spears Sales Club. On an international level with Sigma Chi, Jeffries has been an advocate for the undergraduate fraternity experience recruiting more than 55 brothers to enroll in the inaugural Distance Leadership Certificate program and/or the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop. Jeffries also serves as one of three undergraduate representatives on the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute board of directors. And, his experience at the Sigma Chi Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit inspired him to bring a Leadership Experience to the Oklahoma State new member class which helped each participant practice and understand effective communication and change management competencies, ultimately earning them a leadership certificate.  

Noah Long – Pi Kappa Alpha (University of Nebraska-Omaha)  

Noah Long is communicative, professional, and a natural leader who takes a personal interest in those around him. A leader in his chapter and campus community, he improved systems that have now proven to work well and aided in the implementation of new techniques for areas that needed work; Long is dependable and is always willing to help in any way needed. In each position he held throughout his undergraduate tenure – including chapter president, new member educator, sergeant-at-arms and IFC vice president of recruitment – he brought passion, energy, accountability, reliability and eagerness to do the work to truly better the fraternity experience. Dedicated to fraternity, Long recently joined the Pike Chapter Consultant team and is now helping other Pike chapters better the experience for their members. 

Dylan Mace – Delta Tau Delta (Kent State University)  

A change-maker in the Kent State community, Dylan Mace does not shy away from hard conversations and has a strong desire to uplift individuals and organizations around him. Respected by and engaged with his peers, Mace took on leadership roles as DTD chapter president and IFC president, IFC director of new member education and he currently serves as Kent State’s Undergraduate Trustee – a role appointed by the Governor of Ohio – all while working on campus, holding an internship, coaching a local amateur soccer league and maintaining a near-perfect 4.0 GPA. An advocate for the fraternity experience, he was the primary organizer for the 2021 Anti-Hazing Week, implemented a Men’s Mental Health Week and worked with fraternity and sorority advisors across the state to educate students about the recently enacted Collin’s Law. 

Matthew Myers – Zeta Beta Tau (The University of Arizona)  

He is a forward-thinking, responsible, focused student and leader. Matthew Myers not only served as chapter president of Zeta Beta Tau, he also actively participated in and served as president of the Bobcats Senior Honorary, the oldest organization at Arizona, as well as many other roles on campus and within ZBT internationally. A participant in weekly advisory calls with ZBT International Headquarters, he aided in discussions determining how to best serve brothers and chapters navigating shutdowns due to COVID-19. Myers leaves each place better than he finds it, with ZBT accomplishments including oversight of a 180-member chapter with an annual budget of $1MM; representing the chapter to university faculty and leadership, including the Presidential Leadership Council; inspiring the chapter to focus on academic achievement resulting in the most improved chapter GPA on a university and national level; and more. 

Sean O’Brien – Sigma Chi (The University of Tulsa) 

An involved member of the Tulsa community throughout his undergraduate experience, Sean O’Brien is a leader whose actions speak for themselves. He is humble, refrains from self-promotion, and he is always looking out for his chapter, the campus community, Sigma Chi and the greater Greek community at large. Impressively holding the IFC president role and chapter president position concurrently, O’Brien worked with fraternity chapters at Tulsa to create procedures and policies regarding student safety during the pandemic that allowed the community to stay connected while also taking necessary precautions to keep the community safe. Unwavering in his leadership in both roles, he balanced his time wonderfully to lead a total restructure of the IFC Bylaws and was a guiding light as his chapter experienced a tumultuous period of transition. 

Logan Phillips – Sigma Nu (Southeast Missouri State University)  

Logan Phillips has given his best efforts to leave a lasting impact on the SEMO Greek community and each position he has held. A founding member and leader of Iota Chi – an organization that works to educate members of the fraternity and sorority community about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault – Student Government president, Sigma Nu chapter president, secretary and alumni relations chairman, Phillips has dedicated his undergraduate experience to serving others. He is genuine, pitches in to assist with projects, big or small, asks the tough questions, challenges the process to improve protocols or procedures, and operates with conviction and integrity. He believes in fraternalism, supports his brothers and is loyal to his chapter affiliation. 

Tanner Rank – Delta Sigma Phi (St. Cloud State University) 

With a passion for Greek life and involvement in the community, Tanner Rank is a leader who goes above and beyond to advocate for the interests of those he leads. He has strong communication skills, takes initiative, delegates and provides feedback and encouragement. Simultaneously holding various Delta Sigma Phi positions while also IFC president, he has balanced his academic course load and fraternal relationships while furthering his understanding of each position by participating in respective programming and education opportunities. As the Greek Life Intern in St. Cloud State’s Department of Campus Involvement, Rank brings together the IFC and College Panhellenic Council, works with representatives to help plan Greek unity events and philanthropies, and strives to support all chapters on campus.   

Lyle Yaggy – Sigma Alpha Mu (Miami University) 

Lyle Yaggy is described as a catalyst for positive change with a ‘can do’ attitude. As one of the 10 undergraduate members of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity’s Development Leaders Initiative, Yaggy was a key contributor in developing a diversity, equity and inclusion chairman position for all SAM chapters to implement. He has served as chapter president, public relations chair, alumni chair, sergeant at arms, IFC president and vice president of new member education. As IFC vice president of new member education he coordinated the “Greeks Step Up” bystander education program with campus peer educators and he currently serves on Miami’s university-wide Hazing Prevention Committee working to develop Hazing Prevention Week activities. Yaggy serves as an inspiration to fellow Greeks and his commitment and drive to bettering the fraternity community is evident through his leadership and daily actions.