Support for IFCs

About the NIC Campus Support model

Bundling the tools you need to improve the fraternity experience — consultation, resources, programs, assessments, and even discounts on services that will benefit your fraternity and sorority community — to maximize value for your fraternity community, while helping you streamline planning and budgeting.

Why pay NIC Dues and Insurance? (Video)

Get the most from your dues: Take advantage of this structure that prepares your entire community to take action and empowers interfraternal leaders to achieve trust, confidence and success through a cost-effective support network.

Who is the NIC?

The NIC has a storied history of collaboration with Interfraternity Councils to offer its expertise and guidance in ensuring operational success. If your institution has two or more undergraduate chapters from NIC Member Fraternities, an IFC should be established and chartered by the NIC.

The NIC Campus Support Model’s basic level includes concierge service for consultation, assessment, programming and more with a dedicated representative from the Campus Support Team, based on geographic region:

  • Kyle Martin: Region 1 (red on the map) and Big Ten schools. Email Kyle
  • Ryan Temby: Region 2 (blue on the map) and SEC schools. Email Ryan
  • Mike McRee: Region 3 (green on the map) and Big 12 and PAC 12 schools. Email Mike

For general questions, email or consult the NIC staff list.


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Accessing Partner Discounts

My IFC is looking to access the partner benefits offered in my dues and/or campus support package. Contacts for the individual services are: