Level 5

  1. IFC recognizes chapters for excellence in scholarship programs and high academic performance. (Academics)
  2. IFC actively partners with admissions, orientation and residence hall staff to introduce students and their families to fraternity membership. (Recruitment)
  3. IFC has in its bylaws a policy that prohibits an IFC from being involved in a sexual misconduct adjudication or hazing investigation process (Council can request an exemption to adjudicate a hazing case if it is an independent council or if the host institution does not hear organizational hazing cases). (Accountability)
  4. IFC has a community judicial policy and process with accountability mechanisms that align with NIC Standards, Position Statements and Health and Safety Guidelines. (Accountability)
  5. IFC provides judicial board training for its members. (Accountability)
  6. The IFC judicial board issues sanctions that are educational, developmental and consistent with the violation. (Accountability)
  7. The IFC judicial board uses a written sanction contract to explain the terms of each sanction and procedures for completing them. (Accountability)
  8. IFC judicial officers have a direct working relationship with campus conduct officials. (Accountability)
  9. IFC president meets annually with the university president and vice president of student affairs. (Leadership)
  10. IFC has a working relationship with undergraduate student government, programming and activities boards. (Leadership)
  11. IFC hosts an annual awards program for its member chapters (potentially in conjunction with campus recognition). (Programming)
  12. IFC submits awards applications for NIC or regional conference recognition. (Programming)