Level 4

  1. IFC has Policies and Programming for all-fraternity GPA to be above all-men’s average (AMA). (Academics)
  2. IFC has both a strategic communications and crisis management plan which is reviewed annually by all IFC officers and delegates. (Communications)
  3. The IFC maintains a website updated with information for members, chapters, parents, university administrators and potential members. (Communications)
  4. IFC officers conduct personal outreach to all chapter presidents and visit chapter meetings at least once a term. (Leadership)
  5. IFC sets multi-year goals that are passed on to future leadership teams. (Governance)
  6. The IFC has a service and philanthropy strategy with ongoing, active community partnerships. (Programming)
  7. The IFC provides belonging and inclusion programming and resources for member chapters (may be in conjunction with campus or fraternity/sorority community programming). (Programming)
  8. IFC provides education on peer governance to chapter leaders. (Accountability)
  9. The IFC conducts an annual goal-setting process that actively involves the chapter presidents in setting the direction and priorities for the council. (Governance)
  10. IFC has a cap on the number of events with alcohol. (Health and Safety)
  11. IFC Officers meet regularly with the counterparts on other undergraduate fraternity/sorority councils. (Leadership)
  12. IFC executes an annual marketing plan for its community. (Recruitment)