Level 3

  1. All IFC bills are paid on time and in full. (Finance)
  2. IFC files required tax forms annually. (Finance)
  3. The IFC budget is approved annually by a vote of member chapters. (Finance)
  4. IFC operates within a financial planning framework which includes basic financial controls. (Finance)
  5. IFC provides a detailed reporting on its financial performance to all IFC delegates at least twice per term. (Finance)
  6. IFC has a governance structure which consists of chapter presidents as the primary delegate. (Governance)
  7. IFC has a clear document retention policy with centralized file storage system. (Administrative)
  8. IFC conducts an annual officer training / transition retreat. (Governance)
  9. IFC has a position responsible for planning and implementing risk management, risk prevention and student safety efforts. (Health and Safety)
  10. IFC provides health and safety education. (Health and Safety)
  11. IFC sponsors educational programs for fraternity members on alcohol, hazing, sexual misconduct and self-governance. (Programming)
  12. The IFC maintains a new member interest list. (Recruitment)
  13. The IFC recruitment officer compiles and distributes resources for chapter recruitment officers. (Recruitment)
  14. IFC completes the End of Term Report following each academic term. (Reporting)