1. The IFC will work with member chapters to establish a recruitment process that meets the needs of chapters and potential new members, as well as provides opportunities for interested men to learn about the fraternity experience.
  2. The IFC should focus on fostering interest in joining fraternities, marketing to incoming students and potential new members. As part of NIC Campus Support Model, we provide recruitment software in partnership with TechniPhi.
  3. The IFC should not restrict the ability of chapters to distribute bids outside of any designated recruitment period. As the NIC Standard on student choice states:
    • Any male student should be free to join a fraternity when he determines it is in his best interest.
    • All fraternities should be free to determine when they wish to extend an invitation to join to a male student.
  4. Recruitment and new member activities must be consistent with NIC Guidelines on Alcohol & Drugs.