Prepare Your Nomination


  • Excel among peers and exemplify what it means to be a fraternity member
  • Support NIC Positions and align with NIC Standards
  • Innovate and lead others to greater heights


Open the online submission portal for the award type by clicking the “Make a Nomination” header below and clicking the applicable “Apply Now” button. Here’s what you will need to complete the form:

Narrative (100 to 500 words)
Be thoughtful and creative. The NIC purposely doesn’t provide strict criteria for awards because we want to see innovation, enthusiasm and diversity — but we need you to tell us the story of your nominee in the best way you can. The more information you provide, the more likely your nomination is to stand out.

Letters of endorsement
At least one is required for all entries. Multiple are letters encouraged. There is no length requirement.

  • Undergraduates and Chapters – Both inter/national fraternity and university/college endorsement required
  • Advisor/Volunteer – Either fraternity or university endorsement is required
  • Alumnus – Fraternity endorsement required

Additional documentation (optional)
We welcome links to articles, videos, webpages and any other relevant additional information.