Laurel Wreath Award

2016Theta ChiSacred Purpose
2016Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau, Zeta Beta TauWords to Action
2016Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma NuThe Social Strengths Workshop
2017Sigma Alpha MuDeveloping Leaders Institute
2017Delta UpsilonMembership Outcomes Assessment
2017Phi Kappa PsiELEVATE
2017Zeta Beta TauGreen Light: Go!
2018Alpha Tau OmegaTalk Space / ATO Partnership
2018Delta UpsilonAssociate Member Education Program
2018Phi Kappa PsiProfessional Development Conference
2018Sigma ChiPreparation for Brotherhood
2018Sigma NuSigma Nu Mentor Network
2018Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau, Zeta Beta TauSummit Against Hate
2019Alpha Tau OmegaStatehouse Chaplain Support Initiative
2019Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, Zeta Tau AlphaEducational Poster Series
2019Kappa Delta RhoLegion
2019Phi Kappa PsiService Immersion Trips
2019Sigma ChiStrong Arms
2019Sigma PhiBalanced Man Program App
2020Phi Sigma KappaCardinal Journey: Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa
2020Sigma Alpha EpsilonBrotherhood at Home
2020Fraternity Alumni Council of TexasParents and Alumni for Student Safety
2021AcaciaLee W. Kearney Venerable Dean and Officers Summit
2021Phi Sigma KappaMember Safety Programming
2021Pi Kappa Phi, The Ability Experience Gaming for Inclusion
2021Sigma Alpha MuConvention Swag Boxes
2021Sigma ChiDistance Leadership Certificate
2021Zeta PsiContinuing Education Series
2021Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau, Zeta Beta TauSummit Against Hate
2022Phi Sigma KappaScholarship and Character in Phi Sigma Kappa
2022Sigma NuCollege of Chapters
2022Sigma Alpha EpsilonEmerging Leaders Academy
2022Worcester Polytechnic Institute Interfraternity CouncilRecognizing Bias to Build an Inclusive Greek Organization
2022Sigma ChiAuthentic Leadership Certificate
2023AcaciaLee Kearney Officer Summit
2023Clemson University Interfraternity CouncilIFC New Member Series
2023Fraternity Social MediaEducating Fraternity Members on Digital Communications
2023University of Idaho Interfraternity CouncilMobilizing Men Committee
2023Phi Kappa PsiEXPLORE
2023Sigma ChiValues-based Leadership Certificate
2024Alpha Gamma RhoTop Leaders Institute
2024Chi PsiChi Psi Cares
2024Delta ChiDelta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars
2024Hazing Prevention NetworkHazing Prevention Institute
2024Phi Kappa PsiCAMPFIRE
2024Pi Kappa AlphaTrue PIKE Experience