Is my IFC currently covered by insurance through my university, inter/national organization, etc?

Probably not. You can confirm this by asking your college or university’s Risk Management Department. The IFC is definitely not covered under any member fraternity’s insurance program. If your host institution advises you that you are covered under the University’s liability insurance program, we recommend you request confirmation of the same in writing. The letter should clearly state that the IFC, its officers and volunteers would be considered an Insured while they are acting on behalf of the IFC and are protected on a primary basis. You should ask that this letter come from the University’s Risk Management Department or General Counsel. Also clarify if there are any limitations regarding the types of events you can hold and the process for adding Additional Insureds if required by third parties.

It is very important you retain the letter from the University once you receive one. The NIC should be copied on the letter for our records. If the university will not provide this to you in writing, we recommend you consider yourselves not covered by the University and join the NIC’s program. Under the NIC’s IFC insurance program all activities with the exception of just a few (see special events section) are covered. Including participant liability should you host an athletic event like a volleyball, basketball and flag football tournament. Plus, adding an Additional Insured is easy and inexpensive.