Health and Safety

Each member organization shall:

Have health and safety policies.

Respond according to such organization’s protocols in following up with their chapters on compliance with such policies.

Provide proactive harm reduction education related to such policies as well as a baseline health and safety education program to its individual chapters.

Provide documentation of such policies, organizational protocols and educational programs to the Conference; that address, at a minimum, the following topics:

  • Alcohol and drugs (inclusive of prohibition on the use of alcohol and drugs in new member education and recruitment activities)
  • Hazing
  • Sexual abuse and harassment
  • Fire, health and safety

Carry Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Have and enforce a policy prohibiting women’s auxiliary groups (i.e. “little sisters”) associated with their undergraduate chapters.

Provide ongoing education to its undergraduate chapters on its risk management policies.

Adopt and implement a medical Good Samaritan policy.

Each member organization shall adopt and implement a policy by September 1, 2019 that prohibits the presence of alcohol products above 15% ABV in any chapter facility or at any chapter event, except when served by a licensed third-party vendor. Chapter facilities and  events outside the United States may have one additional year to achieve compliance.