Health and Safety

  1. The IFC will have the policies and programming consistent with the NIC Guidelines on Alcohol & Drugs.
  2. In partnership with each host institution, the fraternity community/campus will set an appropriate standard that caps the number of events with alcohol (regardless of event location).
  3. The IFC will establish a statement in support of environments that are free of hazing and sexual misconduct. As outlined in the IFC Judicial Code, hazing and sexual assault should be adjudicated through the university conduct processes—not by the IFC.
  4. The IFC will establish a medical Good Samaritan policy.
  5. The IFC and each of its member chapters will carry sufficient liability insurance coverage.
    • The NIC offers an IFC Insurance Program that provides affordable liability insurance for the IFC, its officers and volunteers.
    • If the IFC obtains coverage through another plan, it must submit the IFC Insurance Exemption form by Aug. 1 of each year through FS Central.
  6. The IFC will work with the campus to provide health and safety education and training for chapters each term.