The IFC must maintain Constitution and Bylaws that are consistent with all NIC Standards and, at a minimum, include:

  1. IFC Code of Conduct
  2. IFC Judicial Code
  3. Officer structure that reflects specific functional areas—IFCs can vary in roles and titles as long as the following core areas are addressed:
  • President
  • Judicial
  • Health & Safety
  • Recruitment
  • Public Relations
  • Philanthropy & Community Service
  • Scholarship
  • Financial Operations
  • Diversity & Inclusion

4. Membership Criteria

  • Full membership in the IFC is limited to those fraternities (including non-NIC organizations), who have adopted all NIC Standards, are affiliated with an inter/national organization, and are men’s fraternities; Or,
  • Associate membership may be granted to organizations that do not meet the above criteria.
  • Only members from full IFC member organizations are permitted to serve as IFC officers, serve on the Judicial Board, or vote on Constitution and Bylaw amendments.