Establishment and enforcement of policy supporting opportunities for new fraternities and responsible growth

Each member organization shall:

(A) Have and enforce a policy that supports the opportunity for all NIC member fraternities to flourish through responsible access to open expansion. “Responsible access” requires that the CEO of the Conference has confirmed that

  • (i) the member organization has openly and in a timely manner communicated its expansion intention and timeline to the host institution, the IFC, and the Conference;
  • (ii) the member organization has made reasonable efforts to partner with the host institution, IFC and fraternity/sorority community in its expansion efforts; (iii) there are no significant documented risk concerns with any existing interest group of the member organization on such host institution campus; and
  • (iii) the member organization has assessed and taken into consideration any campus readiness assessment developed by the Conference regarding such institution.

(B) Commit to responsibly colonizing chapters that enhance the campus community by working collaboratively with other member organizations and the host institution and adhering to responsible access expectations.