As an IFC officer, what do I need to do?

  • Maintain accurate data in this hub so that your officers and members stay up to date. This data includes your:
    • Contact List
    • Group Profile
    • Governing documents and important information (including Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct, meeting minutes, event agreements, etc.)
    • Chapter membership listing  
  • Work with your Vice President of Operations and campus professional to set up best practices for your council and/or organization.
  • Keep your personal information updated so you can receive up-to-date information and register for events and programs!

What information will I need?

  • For an individual or officer: Name, email, phone number, chapter of initiation 
  • For a council or organization: Affiliation/name, any available contact information

How do I use it?

Each person has a Fraternity-Sorority ID (FSID) that is connected to their personal email. Visit and sign in or create your account. Note that if you have been an IFC officer previously, you may have an existing account.

IMPORTANT: You must use a personal email address attached to your name (not for your FSID.