1. The IFC will maintain a Judicial Board that has authority to hold member chapters accountable to their IFC Constitution and Bylaws and IFC Code of Conduct. The Judicial Board derives its authority from its IFC Judicial Code, which outlines the relationship with the campus, due process, limitations, sanctioning guidelines and appeals process. The IFC Judicial Code is separate and independent from—yet must be coordinated with—campus and inter/national organizations’ expectations and processes.
  2. The IFC will provide annual training to member chapters on its IFC Judicial Code.
  3. The IFC will not issue blanket sanctions for chapters that have not been found responsible for policy violations (i.e. system-wide ban on activities). An exception may be made for health and safety concerns with restrictions limited to events with alcohol, provided the exception is for a defined period of no more than 30 days, with a specific plan to lift the restriction, and in accordance with powers enumerated in the IFC Constitution and Bylaws.
  4. The IFC will not recognize chapters that have been suspended or have had the charter revoked by the inter/national organization.