Statement regarding formation of University Park Interfraternity Council

August 13, 2022

The NIC has worked for several years to address our members’ concerns with USC’s policies and processes that disincentivize sexual misconduct reporting and treat IFC fraternities in a manner that is fundamentally unfair and inconsistent with the Conference’s position statements on system-wide actions, organizational conduct adjudication and recruitment.  

As research shows, fraternity members benefit from engagement significantly more than non-members, particularly in first-year students, and report higher levels of positive mental health along with lower rates of depression and anxiety.  

The NIC is committed to working with the organizations and student leaders of the newly formed University Park Interfraternity Council (UPIFC) and the University of Southern California Interfraternity Council (USC IFC) with the health and safety of all students being the number one priority. All fraternity members enrolled at USC are expected to follow the law, the Student Code of Conduct and their inter/national organization’s policies.   

The NIC remains hopeful that a bridge to a successful partnership can be built through two-way listening and a constructive, solution-oriented dialogue to resolve the concerns that have led to this point.