Statement on Indiana U. encouraging closure of fraternity facilities

The health and safety of members and the community is the top priority for fraternities at IU. Fraternities and housing corporations are following public health guidelines. Facilities should remain open with quarantine protocols in place to isolate members within chapter houses to minimize further coronavirus exposure. As Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed just yesterday, we believe it is wrong to move students from their current quarantined locations and risk spreading infection to different places in the community.

Students are learning—just like we all are—as we navigate this unprecedented time. Since the spring, fraternities have been planning and preparing facilities based on local public health guidelines. However, the greatest governing engine on a college campus is not the administration or public safety. It’s student culture. It’s peer pressure. All campus stakeholders must work together to mitigate virus spread.

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September 3, 2020

Todd Shelton