Outstanding Peer Governance

Indiana State University

ISU IFC officers believe that there comes importance in finding a balance between holding people accountable and showing grace and understanding with council members. They have worked hard to develop a council that develops character and transforms leaders and they are committed to their IFC Code of Conduct and Judicial Code. They consult the IFC bylaws in all matters and are committed to fairness, consistency and accountability. Together they have provided leadership that drives positive change and shapes the future of IFC on at Indiana State.

University of Southern Mississippi 

The structure of the Southern Miss IFC Executive Board is intentionally designed to coordinate with each and every detail of the community, meaning every position can handle a variety of issues quickly and effectively. Working closely with the IFC President, the IFC’s Attorney General oversees the Judicial Board — an extension of the IFC providing support when issues arise — and any revisions of the IFC’s Bylaws to ensure policies are fair and align with current operations. The goals that IFC reached over the course of this academic year have created a strong relationship with member fraternities and will provide a strong future at Southern Miss for all fraternity men.

University of Tennessee Knoxville 

After campus life returned to something resembling pre-pandemic life, the IFC realized the need to reassess and adjust the operations of the council to increase relevance with chapters and align better with the values of the entire community. Through a five-stage approach, they reviewed various documents and procedures to identify the values the chapters represented on campus. After the values were established and unanimously agreed upon, the next steps were to focus on the bylaws, accountability, buy-in and relationships/partnerships. Completely revamping operations to hold each officer and entity accountable, the UTK IFC took advantage of every resource available to make sure their community is well-positioned for the future.