Outstanding IFC

Iowa State University

With a focus on academics, civic engagement, social education activities and more, the Iowa State IFC provides members meaningful programming opportunities to better themselves as individuals and chapters. The IFC goes above and beyond to ensure that all members are engaged in their community through individualized communication and service, that each member and chapter participates in impactful programming — like bystander intervention training, hazing prevention training, sexual assault awareness programming and more — and that each event held in the community is safe, successful and enjoyable.

Purdue University

While the 2022 Purdue IFC excelled in many areas throughout their term – such as health and safety, diversity equity and inclusion, academics, membership, philanthropy and service and leadership development — they have also truly become a leader across the nation in terms of collaboration and innovation. From hosting a Community Health and Safety Forum, participating in joint roundtable discussions with campus organizations and partners, establishing the first-ever healthy masculinity program for IFC members and executing a 4-day DEI Conference, the IFC has demonstrated their commitment to a thriving fraternity and student experience.

University of Idaho  

This year, the U of I IFC led with integrity and set a standard for a model version of fraternity with its community-wide focus on hazing prevention, safe alcohol behaviors, prevention of gender-based violence safe dating practices, mental health awareness and more. With attention to how the fraternity experience can be an impactful experience for all, the IFC placed great emphasis on recruitment resulting in the largest first-year student class in institution history as a result! Their leadership was instrumental in changing the perceptions and culture on campus which allowed for greater interest from prospective students and parental support for IFC membership consideration.

University of Tennessee Knoxville 

Intentional about using campus resources to their advantage, the UTK IFC is invested in the betterment of its members through health and wellness programming like healthy relationship topics, men’s mental health and intentional brotherhood. While regularly hosting IFC roundtables and individual chapter educational meetings around health and safety, safe events, DEI and recruitment, they also have developed relationships with the other three councils on campus through relationship building and showing support for the community as a whole. The UTK took a dedicated approach to not working within a silo of fraternities but thinking about the greater community at all times.