Outstanding IFC President

Matt Halverson

University of Oklahoma 

A hardworking, dedicated student, Matt has maintained an extremely competitive grade point average while studying in one of OU’s most rigorous academic programs. He is a JC Penny Leadership Scholar, has been on the President’s Honor Roll for several semesters, and is the recipient of many local and national scholarships. Under his leadership, the IFC has flourished–with an increased turnout for recruitment, more programming and community-building opportunities, greater engagement on campus, in the community and more. Matt is a true friend and fraternity man to all he encounters; he listens to learn and grow and models the way for others. The legacy Matt will leave for the OU IFC is a model of ethical and humble leadership for the right reasons – a true legacy of service, interfraternalism and brotherhood.

Jonathan Jenkins

University of Southern Mississippi  

Dedicated to the entire fraternity and sorority community, Jonathan began his term by engaging the Panhellenic Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council Presidents to set up a clear line of communication as well as community-wide goals. Seeing a gap in IFC officer positions, he helped develop the Vice President of Membership Development role and worked to re-establish the Junior Interfraternity Council which will provide leadership opportunities to seven additional fraternity men. He has led his peers with grace and a determination to improve the holistic student experience at Southern Miss all while maintaining an impressive GPA majoring in business administration at the College of Business and Economic Development.

Mason Miller

University of Iowa 

As IFC President, Mason collaborated with university officials and other fraternity leaders to advance the ideals of UI’s 1,100-member fraternity community. He has judicious problem-solving skills and a keen intuition which enable him to assess situations quickly and accurately, resulting in spot-on approaches. During his term, Mason took proactive steps to confront a difficult situation between fraternity presidents and UI administration, and his leadership and advocacy strengthened the relationship, which will be a lasting legacy to the community. Additionally, Mason has balanced his commitment to academics, campus employment, and co-curricular activities maintaining a 3.35 cumulative grade point average with a major in Journalism and Mass Communication, a minor in Sport and Recreation Management, and a certificate in event management.

Harrison Murphy

University Park IFC 

A past chapter president and senior pre-law student, Harrison worked tirelessly with campus administration to advocate for the fraternity experience. While working with his peers to start a new council, his commitment was to ensure that member groups felt heard, valued and seen. Harrison placed great importance on holding all men in the community accountable to their respective member organization policies, while also creating new UPIFC policies and procedures, and setting a precedent for others to follow. Additionally, he was determined to ensure that the health and safety of UPIFC members and their guests were the top priority, in addition to navigating every aspect of creating the foundation of a newly formed governing council.

Michael Rodriguez

University of Tennessee Knoxville 

Throughout his years of service to the IFC Community, Michael’s passionate, assertive and bridge-building leadership has helped shape and advance fraternity life at the University of Tennessee and beyond. Michael was not interested in just creating a positive social statement by serving as the IFC DEI Chair the year before running for IFC President, he truly wanted to kick start actionable and measurable change in the UTK IFC community. In doing so, he developed the first IFC DEI Plan at UTK, which outlined commitments the community would make over the years to come. The IFC community is healthier, stronger, more respected and more unified than ever in great part to the contributions and dedication of Michael Rodriguez.

Michael Walker

University of Arizona 

Per his nominator, Michael has been the most influential leader the Arizona IFC community has seen in almost a decade. A past chapter president and U of A Great Greek Weekend facilitator, one of his biggest strengths is his ability to communicate effectively and influence change. Instead of just ignoring wrongdoings and issues within the IFC community, Michael regularly schedules roundtables with chapter presidents to help them become better, in turn helping the community become better. He listens to all sides of a conversation to make sound decisions based on good judgment and fairness, and he actively participates as a team member and leader in the Fraternity and Sorority Programs office, his chapter, the IFC and the U of A community.