Abbi Hanson Allen

Virginia Tech

(Photo by Mary Desmond/Virginia Tech)

An active problem solver and servant leader, Abbi wants everyone in her community to become the best possible version of themselves. She devotes her time, talent and treasure to help others succeed and was instrumental in guiding the VT IFC community through unexpected and difficult transitions. Abbi is a fraternity advocate who has provided great support to organizations bringing new chapters to campus. She motivates and assembles the local IFC to help with marketing and branding efforts on campus to ensure all groups succeed. Abbi’s ability to address critical problems has allowed the IFC community to thrive at Virginia Tech.

Hunter Carlheim

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Hunter is a staunch advocate for fraternity and has helped the IFC community excel and be a driving force for good at UTK. From encouraging Safe Zone Training in partnership with the Pride Center, to mental health week and sexual assault awareness programming, to monthly service intiatives, Hunter has motivated and supported the IFC community to live up to the meaning of what it means to be a fraternity man. His leadership and advocacy helped the IFC add a Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to their board and because of his attention to the IFC’s DEI Commitment Plan, the community has made adjustments towards becoming a more welcoming community for all.

Nick O’Neal

University of Idaho

Throughout his time at the U of I, Nick has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the students in fraternity and sorority life and has addressed challenges in innovative, creative ways that have helped with the overall success of the campus community. In partnership with council leadership, he helped overhaul new member education programs, he provided guidance around pandemic recruitment to continue promoting the experience and he approaches every situation through a lens of inclusion and support. Nick strives to help students “find their voice” in reaching for goals they wish to accomplish, he supports them in their initiatives, challenges them when and where it is appropriate and acts as a guide and counsel when difficulties arrive.