NIC philosophy and guidance on community-wide actions

The Open Letter we shared in March outlined the Conference’s position on community-wide, blanket actions, and its guidance still holds true today. Here is some additional, important information on our philosophy:

The NIC applauds recent student-led actions that aim to tackle critical issues on college campuses, such as alcohol and substance abuse, hazing and sexual misconduct.

IFCs considering collective action should follow guidelines to address behaviors that risk the health and safety of their community members.

Alcohol abuse on college campuses is a public health concern, and a consistent, campus-wide approach helps address this concern—both in fraternity communities and beyond.

The NIC supports campus-administered restrictions that limit access to alcohol if the policies are equally applied across all student organizations. We applaud President Thrasher’s recent decision to eliminate events with alcohol for all 700 student organizations at Florida State University.

The NIC will vigorously advocate for the rights of students to assemble in ways that develop their personal and intellectual growth.

Chapter study groups, service and philanthropy projects, business meetings, spiritual gatherings, prevention programs, or alcohol-free social interactions should not be limited as these experiences positively impact a student’s development.

In the wake of a tragic loss in a community, fraternity men and the NIC are prepared to work closely with our campus partners, students and alumni to respond appropriately in such a challenging and difficult time.

Now more than ever, students, alumni, community members, national organizations, and university administrators must come together to create ownership and accountability toward measures for change. We know critical issues that are deeply rooted in culture aren’t going to be solved with quick fixes. It is going to take intentional collaboration and comprehensive strategies.