Statement regarding the announced deferred recruitment at Cal State Long Beach

“Any student organization, any time!”

Without seeking input or discussion with impacted fraternities, Cal State Long Beach has announced that beginning in 2020 it will marginalize one campus experience by deferring fraternity recruitment while encouraging new students to join any other student organization or intercollegiate athletic teams. Students should have the opportunity to join fraternities, or any organization, at the time that they feel is best for them. On hundreds of campuses, students join any time and have a successful fraternity experience that provides men with a sense of community and a support network that helps facilitate a stronger transition to the collegiate experience. And for most, fraternity membership leads to higher retention rates and higher graduation rates.

Millions of fraternity men stand united with the students at Long Beach in support of the rights of college students to seek positive, enriching fraternal bonds at any time.

Tell Long Beach “Any student organization, any time!”

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Media Contact:
Todd Shelton
Chief Communication Officer