The Laurel Wreath Award is presented to individuals or groups in recognition of their unique programs, community outreach or influence within the fraternal world.

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Acacia – Lee Kearney Officer Summit 

The Acacia Fraternity’s Lee Kearney Officer Summit is an event that brings together executive boards from all chapters to share ideas, learn from each other and build lasting relationships. The 2023 Summit brought about a brand new structure and curriculum with the program emphasizing one-on-one chapter/officer coaching throughout the year for all chapters. This provided the opportunity to learn skills and apply them to their chapter by planning for their upcoming terms. The 2023 Summit also had the highest ever satisfaction and knowledge gains.

Clemson University – Clemson IFC New Member Series 

Clemson’s IFC New Member Series is an eight-week process geared towards educating and engaging new members from each chapter. The new members participate in four educational sessions on topics ranging from new member rights and responsibilities to personal responsibility and well-being. Sessions were led by current IFC community members from different chapters who have a desire to engage with new members and want to serve in a mentor role. The series wraps up with a keynote led by Archie Messersmith-Bunting, who was instrumental in the creation of the program. 

Fraternity Social Media – Educating Fraternity Members on Digital Communications 

What started as a side project during the COVID-19 pandemic, has transformed into more than a social media account, but a community of individuals who support, uplift, and share resources with one another to further the growth and development of fraternities across the nation. @FraternitySocialMedia (FSM) was started by Guillermo Flores as a way for fraternities to learn how to tell their unique story of leadership, service, scholarship and genuine brotherhood. By using Instagram and TikTok, FSM has gained more than 4,500 followers and engaged with a variety of audiences including active fraternity members, alumni, inter/national headquarters, campus-based professionals, parents/families and more. Additionally, Guillermo travels around the country speaking to hundreds of students about the importance of taking ownership of their fraternity story. 

University of Idaho – Mobilizing Men Committee and the University of Idaho IFC 

Mobilizing Men is a group of primarily University of Idaho male/masculine-identifying individuals who meet regularly to facilitate discussions and activities on topics related to masculinity and men’s engagement. Through open and authentic dialogue, Mobilizing Men aims to reduce and prevent power-based violence on campus and in the community. To accomplish this, the multi-discipline team fosters connection and trust between participants through transparent conversation during 90-minute conversations available for all student organizations and teams, with a focus on those that primarily serve male/masculine-identifying individuals. The goal of this work is to help end gender-based violence in their community and beyond.

Phi Kappa Psi – Explore 

Explore is a multi-day, in-person externship experience where a cohort of students with similar fields of study and professional aspirations gather with alumni hosts. The program aims to provide participants with valuable, real-life, professional insights and perspectives from alumni in the career sector of their interest. Participants take part in large group activities, as well as small group sessions and specialized tracks focusing on their specific fields. In doing so, they engage with industry leaders and companies to gain further clarity into the day-to-day of the field they wish to pursue as well as the city they could potentially live in after graduation. 

Sigma Chi – Values-based Leadership Certificate

The purpose of values-based leadership exists in the ability to apply principled beliefs and values to the various decisions and obstacles members’ encounter. They learn to create a positive, personal brand on social media and best practices to live a well-balanced life. Members gain skills and knowledge to manage themselves while growing in their capacity to be resilient and versatile in complex and challenging situations.