Fraternities – national organizations, alumni and students – acknowledge and are working together to confront and address the challenges and risks within fraternities and the campus environment. 

Complex campus concerns are not solved with quick fixes. When students, alumni, community members, national organizations and campus professionals collaborate to create measures and infrastructure, there is greater ownership and accountability to the change. 

In the past five years, the North American Interfraternity Conference member fraternities – representing the vast majority of men’s fraternities – have come together to create shared expectations and implement measures that truly make communities safer. 

Passed new, critical Health & Safety Standards for fraternities that build upon prevention efforts and programs, including: 

Formed the Anti-Hazing Coalition (AHC), an unprecedented partnership with families who lost their sons to hazing. The AHC:

  • Works at state and federal levels to pursue anti-hazing legislation that delivers greater transparency, strengthens criminal penalties and encourages prosecution, calls for university accountability for bad actors, provides for amnesty to encourage people to call for help and calls for student education.
  • Actively facilitates programs on campuses and at fraternity educational events. Since its inception, the parents have spoken to tens of thousands of members about their sons’ stories, the authentic danger of hazing and how to prevent it in their campus communities.