Growth!? A Brutally Honest Conversation About Recruitment/Intake in 2020 for Council Leaders and NIC Partners

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, the first 15-20 minutes of the webinar are not available but we believe there is good information and Q&A in this segment.


Featuring fraternity growth experts Josh Orendi, Hailey Mangrum, and Matt Mattson from Phired Up Productions.  With NIC senior staff members Will Foran and Mike McRee.

No fluff.  Here’s what we know, what you can do, and actionable resources you can use right now to prepare for a VERY different recruitment/intake season ahead.  Don’t wait.  Don’t assume things will return to normal.  They won’t.  The likelihood of a membership decline in the next 6 months is high.  The likelihood that recruitment/intake can be done the same way it was done in 2019 is almost zero.  Now is the time to pivot your growth strategy and put new recruitment/intake practices in place.  This webinar is designed to get change started.  Come to the web cast with your key leaders; come knowing change starts now; come knowing that the answer includes (virtual) social connection while social distancing; come with questions to ask at the end.