Fraternities have stood the test of time. The first fraternity was formed the same year the Declaration of Independence was signed. With nearly 250 years of history behind us, fraternities have shown how bringing men together around friendship, scholarship and service fosters incredible personal growth and belonging, providing significance for a lifetime.

But the challenges fraternities face today are real. Less men are going to college each year – making up only 40% of the student body. Even fewer are graduating, and higher education is projecting a further significant decline in enrollment over the next few years. Alcohol abuse, addiction and hazing continue to be problems that persist across college campuses. Experts are calling loneliness an “epidemic” among college men, and they are experiencing depression at increasing rates.

Today’s college men need fraternities
more than ever before.

Recent research has also proven how fraternities provide life-changing support, community and connection, and strong leadership development and professional networking to today’s college men.

This important research has enabled fraternities to make data-driven decisions to meet the needs of today’s students. From developing new programs to shifting recruitment strategies, solid data has given us the foundation from which to drive critical support to our chapters, undergraduates and volunteers. And it’s also given us the proof points we need to reshape the narrative around fraternities to potential members, parents, alumni, administrators and even the media.

By continuing our research, we can better understand the next generation of college men and how fraternities can evolve to attract them and provide them with a dynamic, fulfilling experience. And to continue to grow, we must position fraternities as essential in the eyes of our future members and key stakeholders.

Studies Show

  • Fraternities are an accelerator for success in college and beyond.
  • Fraternities create lifelong connection to the campus, community and friends.
  • Fraternity members experience stronger mental health.

The fraternity experience matters.

With your partnership and support, we can future-proof fraternities,
so they may provide life-changing value for generations of men yet to come.

Our Priorities

Uncovering the Truth

Shaping fraternities for today and tomorrow

The fraternity experience can be truly powerful. Done right, it is life-changing for men and fosters their success in college and beyond.

Conducting critical research shows fraternities which practices deliver that dynamic experience – and which don’t. And as we look ahead, we are eager to continue this research which can teach us what the next generation of college students could seek in the experience, helping to strengthen and evolve fraternities for the future.

Uncovering the Truth

  • What’s driving men’s college enrollment and retention trends
  • Understanding middle and high school boys – the next generation
  • Supporting mental health and well-being
  • Member development practices that prevent and curb hazing
  • Self-governance and peer leadership and intervention
  • Providing value to retain juniors and seniors in the fraternity experience
  • Guide how we shape fraternities for the future, including strategies around recruitment, programs and experiences, housing, risk prevention and more.
  • Highlight the value of fraternities to potential new members and their parents through targeted social media campaigns that drive recruitment leads.
  • Show volunteers, alumni and donors the value and impact of the mentorship and contributions.
  • Reshape the public narrative by positioning fraternities positively in the media.
  • Bolster donor and volunteer support for existing and new programs when the data shows evidence around what “works.”
  • Engage stakeholders in expert-led symposiums around key data, trends and their implications.
  • Provide educational resources for important audiences – volunteers, staffs, officers, higher ed partners – to lead their work.
  • Address challenges and respond to external headwinds and prohibitive actions with facts.


Funds to cover ten studies over a two-year period at $75,000 each.

Amplifying our Value

And expanding our reach

Good PR is about reaching the audience where they are with what they need to hear. Our plan is to connect with high school seniors, their parents and school counselors through scholarship programs by sharing the value of the experience and drawing in men ready to seize involvement opportunities. We’ll pair this with targeted marketing and media outreach to continue to shape the narrative around fraternities in the public eye. Simply put, driving awareness and expanding our reach is the key to fraternities’ long-term growth and sustainability.

Amplifying our Value

  • Market to high school seniors and drive recruitment leads to fraternity chapters.
  • Focus marketing efforts on prospective members’ parents to highlight the authentic fraternity experience and its benefits.
  • Engaging in PR and media outreach to positively shape the narrative around fraternities.
  • Fraternity communities and chapters will have qualified recruitment leads driven directly to them.
  • Chapters will see a new pool of recruits, who are seeking the leadership opportunities and the community of support fraternities provide.
  • Scholarships will create access and affordability to the increasingly diverse student population, alleviating climbing student debt.
  • Parents will be more informed and readily able to support their sons in joining a fraternity.
  • Audiences will have a balanced look at fraternities, because media response and digital campaigns will focus on the benefits of the experience.


Funds to cover outreach to high school seniors, education leaders and parents at $250,000 annually.

We Can’t Do This Without You

Your investment will help us address real-world problems while continuing to advance the fraternal community. We hope you’ll come alongside us as we seek to future-proof fraternities, together!

  • Ten critical research studies: $750,000 ($75,000 per study)
  • Outreach to high school seniors, education leaders and parents: $750,000 (three years at $250,000 annually)

TOTAL: $1,500,000

Contributions toward these projects may be one-time gifts or multi-year pledges made through the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence.

Giving Levels

Includes 5,000 complimentary “Making an Impact” brochures; three-year access to scholarship recipient list; public relations naming rights; research naming rights; three virtual, generic programs with research experts; three personalized in-person or virtual programs with research experts.

Includes 1,000 complimentary “Making an Impact” brochures; three-year access to scholarship recipient list; public relations naming rights.

Includes 3,000 complimentary “Making an Impact” brochures; three-year access to scholarship recipient list; public relations naming rights; research naming rights; two virtual, generic programs with research experts; one personalized in-person or virtual program with research experts.

Includes 250 complimentary “Making an Impact” brochures; three-year access to scholarship recipient list.

Includes: Three-year access to scholarship list; public relations naming rights; research naming rights; one virtual, generic program with research experts.

Organizations with less than 20 chapters will receive 100 complimentary “Making an Impact” brochures and three-year access to scholarship recipient list.

Donor Listing

We are grateful for each donor who has contributed to the campaign thus far. Without their generous gifts we would not be able to continue making an impact on the fraternity experience through research. This list was updated on May 6, 2022.

$150,000 & above$100,000 – $149,999
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