Booking the parents for speaking engagements

Through the Love, Mom & Dad program, parents share their very personal stories of how hazing has impacted their families and lives, education about hazing prevention, and a call to action for your community or organization.

We work with four families to speak for organizations/campuses: the Piazzas, Gruvers, Braham and Kowiaks.

How we book:

  • We ask that you provide potential dates, so we can gauge their availability. We will get back with you on which parents are available to come to your program. Their availability depends on their work and family commitments, as well as other speaking dates.
  • To help share this message as widely as possible, costs are minimal. They simply require travel and lodging.
  • If your school/organization would like to make a donation to their foundation to honor their work and their son, we can provide that information.
  • The AHC will take care of making travel arrangements and will provide one invoice after the program.