The NIC’s Alumnus Award of Distinction recognizes the fraternity man who has given specifically of his time, talents, and service to the betterment of the fraternity or campus community. The service can be given at the local, regional or national level.


Dr. Michael R. Gustafson II – Chi Psi Fraternity 

Dr. Michael R. Gustafson II is a staunch advocate for advancing fraternity; he creates positive change, supports fraternal values and provides extraordinary service to Chi Psi on a daily basis. And although he did not have a traditional undergraduate fraternity experience, as he was initiated as an alumnus, he has displayed true dedication to and love for Chi Psi’s ritual and traditions. Dr. Gustafson is eager and willing to volunteer as an alumnus to make a serious difference in the lives of many young members of Chi Psi, especially as he works closely with the Chi Psi Alpha (chapter) at Duke University. Whether as a sitting member of the Chi Psi Executive Council, a facilitator for programming at the Mid-Year Leadership Retreat and Annual Convention or as a traveling advisor to regional Alphas in need of essential program facilitation, he has made himself into one of the most important advisors and alumni in Chi Psi’s modern history.