The Advisor Award of Distinction, awarded for the first time in 2017, recognizes exceptional commitment to advising a fraternity chapter, Interfraternity Council or fraternity/sorority community. Each recipient demonstrates dedication to guiding and mentoring the fraternity members with whom they work, and exemplifies the highest standards of character, leadership and interfraternalism both personally and professionally.


Will DeViney – The University of Tulsa, Sorority and Fraternity Advisor 

Will DeViney addresses critical problems and advocates for positive systemic change. His unrelenting enthusiasm, positivity and advocacy for the Greek community has lifted the morale of Sorority and Fraternity Life at TU from the doldrums of COVID-19 into a thriving system of Greek excellence. He has an instinct for leadership and has demonstrated the ability to motivate others to action; he goes above and beyond to help Greek leaders realize their own potential by serving as a coach and mentor. One letter of recommendation stated that even with everything else on his plate, “Will has somehow always been available and ready to support us by any means necessary.” 

Jeff Hollings – Sigma Nu Chapter Advisor at Purdue University 

As an undergraduate, Jeff Hollings thrived as a member of the Sigma Nu Beta Zeta Chapter (Purdue). And now, as an alumni advisor, he puts in the work to demonstrate the value and meaning of fraternity for Beta Zeta brothers and everyone in his sphere of influence. Hollings does his research, seeks to understand complex dynamics, builds partnerships and works to draw a circle of intellect, good will, and genuine care and concern around him. It is clear that with accolades and praise from the current Beta Zeta Commander (president) to his fellow alumni advisors, to Purdue staff and the team at Sigma Nu Headquarters, Hollings is an exceptional servant leader. 

Simonne Horman – University of Florida, Interim Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life 

Simonne Horman works countless hours to promote and improve the fraternity experience. She makes it a priority to put the students of the community first, to shape them into better members of their chapters, on campus and in the community. Prior to her interim director role, she served as the advisor to Florida’s IFC for seven years, and her direct impact on the IFC has been incredible. From supporting expansion opportunities to helping enhance recruitment practices, to supporting and promoting new IFC events as well as aiding in the creation of an Organizational Medical Amnesty Policy for all student organizations, Horman is a fierce advocate for the fraternal experience. 

Todd Salen – Phi Kappa Psi Chapter Advisor at the University of Illinois 

For the last three decades, Todd Salen has been instrumental to the development of fraternity men. Present and available for the Illinois Phi Psi chapter in times of turmoil, when navigating risk management issues as well as assisting in accountability and supporting tough conversations, Salen’s dedication as a chapter advisor has not gone unnoticed. He truly cares for the future of fraternity and does what he can to improve the experience for other organizations as well. From being an active mentor to staying in touch with alumni and serving as a volunteer facilitator for countless Phi Psi and University of Illinois programs, he has made a lasting impact on individuals, Phi Kappa Psi and the campus community.