1. IFC leaders will work with their advisor and campus to submit an End of Term (EOT) report for each academic term on FS Central to report academic and membership data. Councils on a semester system will submit Fall and Spring EOTs; Councils on the quarter system will submit Fall, Winter and Spring EOTs.
  2. The IFC should maintain an accurate listing of member fraternity chapters and new groups/colonies. The Chapter Listing should be updated in FS Central when any changes occur—when a chapter joins or leaves the campus/IFC.
  3. The campus fraternity/sorority advisor should maintain an accurate listing of full-time employees working with the community and IFC officers. This listing of institutional Contacts should be updated in FS Central when any changes occur.

Key due dates for Reporting, Dues, and NIC Educational Program Registration

Reporting TypeDue Date
Fall EOTFebruary 1
Winter EOT (quarter schools only)June 1
Spring EOTAugust 1
Chapter ListingUpdate when changes occur
Institution ContactsUpdate when changes occur
NIC dues and IFC InsuranceInvoiced September 1; Due November 1
• Insurance coverage is not bound until all NIC dues and insurance fees are paid.
• If the IFC obtains coverage through a plan other than the NIC-offered coverage, it must submit the IFC Insurance Exemption form by Aug. 1 of each year through FS Central.
Registration for PRIME: The Summit of IFC PresidentsDate for Dec. 2022/Jan. 2023 programming TBA
Registration for IFC AcademyDate for 2023 program TBA
NGLA: mid-February
Registration for UIFI Early-bird deadline May 1