Notable Fraternity Alumni: Entertainers

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Entertainers from NIC Member Fraternities

Thousands of fraternity men have made their marks as actors and musicians. Here is a sampling of Greeks (from NIC member groups) who have been seen on TV and theater screens, along with a list of musicians who have either achieved success or are on the way up:

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Actors, Comedians, and Hosts

*2015 Prime Time Emmy Award Nominees
John Aniston (Alpha Chi Rho ) -Actor
James Arness (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
John Astin (Phi Kappa Psi) -Actor
Colin Bain (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Joe Don Baker (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
Scott Bakula (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Bob Balaban (Phi Kappa Tau) -Actor
Lance Baldwin (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Sage Bannick (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Bob Barker (Sigma Nu) -Game show host
Lewis Black (Pi Lambda Phi) -Comedian, Actor
Robert Blesse (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Warren Beatty (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Michael Beck (Kappa Alpha Order) -Actor
Daryl Bell (Alpha Phi Alpha) -Actor
Michael Biehn (Sigma Nu) -Actor
David Birney (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Marc Blucas (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
Powers Booth (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Jackson Bostwick (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Zach Braff (Phi Kappa Psi) -Actor
Kyle Brandt (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Benjamin Bratt (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Shaun Breidbart (Beta Theta Pi) -Comedian
Beau Bridges (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Travis Brorsen (Alpha Gamma Rho) -Actor
Clancy Brown (Sigma Chi) – Actor
Kevin Bury (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Dean Cain (Zeta Psi) -Actor
David Canary (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Drew Carey (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor, comedian, host
T.C. Carson (Iota Phi Theta) -Actor
Cedric The Entertainer (Kappa Alpha Psi) -Actor
Chip Chinnery (Delta Tau Delta) -Comedian, actor
Jay Chandrasekhar (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
William Christopher (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Charles Cioffi (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Dick Clark (Delta Kappa Epsilon) -Host
Eric Close (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Mark Collier (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Stephen Collins (Alpha Delta Phi) -Actor
John Considine (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Rob Corddry (Theta Chi) -Actor
Al Corley (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
Kevin Costner (Delta Chi) -Actor
Walter Cronkite (Chi Phi) -News anchor, commentator
Billy Crudup(Delta Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
John Cullum (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Jesse Dabson (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
William Daniels (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Larry David (Tau Epsilon Phi) -Actor
John Davidson (Delta Upsilon) -Actor, host
Bruce Davison (Theta Xi) -Actor
Rick Dees (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Host, comedian
Brian Dennehy (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Christopher Douglas (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Fred Dreyer (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
John Dye (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Jerod Edington (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Sam Elliott (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Bill Engvall (Kappa Alpha Order) -Comedian, actor
Rob Estes (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Charles “Chip” Esten (Theta Delta Chi) -Actor, comedian
Bill Fagerbakke (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Edward Faulkner (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Will Ferrell (Delta Tau Delta) -Comedian, actor
Rob Fitzgerald (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Kirk Fogg (Delta Chi) -Actor
Harrison Ford (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Frederic Forrest (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Will Forte (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Comedian, actor
Matthew Fox (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Squire Fridell (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Actor, spokesman
Jim Gaffigan (Phi Gamma Delta) -Comedian
Max Gail (Alpha Delta Phi) -Actor
Mason Gamble (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor
John Gavin (Chi Psi) -Actor
Clarence Gilyard (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Paul Michael Glaser (Sigma Alpha Mu) -Actor
Bob Goen (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Host
John Goodman (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
David Goodnow (Pi Kappa Phi) -News anchor
Peter Graves (Phi Kappa Psi) -Actor, host
Robert Hager (Alpha Chi Rho) -News correspondent
Jester Hairston (Kappa Alpha Psi) -Actor
Tony Hale (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Tom Hallick (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Harry Hamlin (Delta Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
James Hampton (Kappa Alpha Order -Actor
Sean Hampton (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Chris Hardwick (Chi Phi) -Host, Actor
Woody Harrelson (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Bill Hayes (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Kevin Heffernan (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Alan Heitz (Delta Chi) -Actor
Edward Herrmann (Phi Kappa Psi) -Actor
Joel Higgins (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Desi Arnez Hines II (Iota Phi Theta) -Actor
Eddie Ifft (Delta Tau Delta) -Comedian
Kevin James (Pi Lambda Phi) -Actor
Dewayne Jessee (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
Jeffrey Jones (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Lyle Kanouse (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor
Archie Kao (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Richard Karn (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor, host
Stacy Keach (Chi Psi) -Actor
Pat Kilbane (Sigma Chi) -Actor, comedian
Kevin Kilner (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Worthem Kimmer (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Aron Kincaid (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Richard Kind (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Larry King (Tau Epsilon Phi) -Talk show host
Greg Kinnear (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Stan Kirsch (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Terry Kiser (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Chris Klein (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Robert Klein (Zeta Beta Tau) -Comedian, actor
Ted Koppel (Pi Kappa Alpha) -News anchor, host
Ashton Kutcher (Delta Chi) -Actor
Burt Kwouk (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Jim Lange (Phi Gamma Delta) -Host
Frank Langella (Alpha Chi Rho ) -Actor
Andy Lauer (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
Pat Leborio (Beta Theta Pi) -Comedian, actor
Stephen Lemme (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Rick Lenz (Psi Upsilon) -Actor
David Letterman (Sigma Chi) -Host
Jerry Lewis (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Actor, host
Richard Lewis (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Comedian, Actor
Art Linkletter (Alpha Tau Omega) -Host
Gary Lockwood (Delta Sigma Phi) -Actor
Matt Long (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Thad Luckinbill (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Peter Lupus (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Cheech Marin (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Actor
Ed Marinaro (Psi Upsilon) -Actor
James Marsden (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Garry Marshall (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Jerry Mathers (Chi Psi) -Actor
Matthew McConaughey (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
James McDaniel (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
Ted Mcginley (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Ed Mcmahon (Phi Kappa Theta) -Host
Walter Massey (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Jim Metzler (Psi Upsilon) -Actor
Seth Meyers (Phi Gamma Delta) -Comedian
Austin Miller (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Dennis Miller (Sigma Tau Gamma) -Actor, comedian
Denny Miller (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Ty Miller (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Martin Milner (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Actor
Finese Mitchell (Kappa Alpha Psi) -Comedian, actor
Richard Moll (Kappa Alpha Order) -Actor
William R. Moses (beta theta pi) -actor
Donnie Most (Sigma Alpha Mu) -Actor
Anson Mount (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Roger Mudd (Delta Tau Delta) -News anchor, host
Patrick Muldoon (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Dermot Mulroney (Phi Gamma Delta) -Actor
Jim Nabors (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Paul Newman (Phi Kappa Tau) -Actor
Wayne Northrop (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Michael Nouri (Kappa Alpha Order) -Actor
KEN OBER (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Game show host
Jason Manuel Olazabal (Iota Phi Theta) -Actor
Merlin Olsen (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Ed O’Neil (Delta Sigma Phi) -Actor
Patton Oswalt (Phi Kappa Tau) -Actor-comedian
Fess Parker (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor
Jamison Parker (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
J. Eddie Peck (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Robert Peters (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Robert Pine (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Danny Pino (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
Brad Pitt (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Tom Poston (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Drew Powell (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Timothy Progush (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
John Quinones (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Anchor
Joe Quintero (Lambda Sigma Upsilon) -Actor
Jack Rader (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Brett Radmin (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Sendhil Ramamurthy (Theta Delta Chi) -Actor
Harold Ramis (Zeta Beta Tau) -Actor
James Rebhorn (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Lee Reherman (Chi Psi) -Actor
Dan Resin (Theta Chi) -Actor
David Richmond-Peck (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Geraldo Rivera (Tau Delta Phi) -Commentator, host
Pat Robertson (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Host
Clayton Rohner (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Charlie Rose (Kappa Alpha Order) -Host
Tony Roberts (Tau Delta Phi) -Actor
Andy Rooney (Sigma Chi) -Commentator
Michael Rosenbaum (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Tim Rossovich (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Paul Rudd (Sigma Nu) -Actor
William Sanderson (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor
Chris Sarandon (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Actor
Ben Savage (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Fred Savage (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Josh Saviano (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Forrest Sawyer (Alpha Tau Omega) -News anchor
Jonathon Schaech (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Roy Scheider (Phi Kappa Psi) -Actor
Ned Schmidtke (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Steven Schnetzer (Alpha Sigma Phi -Actor
David Schwimmer (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Gary Seibel (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Actor
Tom Selleck (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Grant Shaud (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Johnny Sheffield (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Dave Sheridan (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor
Richard Shoberg (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Grant Show (Alpha Tau Omega) -Actor
Ron Silver (Sigma Alpha Mu) -Actor
Tom Smothers (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Comedian, host
David Spade (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
G.D. Spradlin (Delta Chi) -Actor
Jerry Springer (Tau Epsilon Phi) -Host
Ben Stein (Alpha Delta Phi) -Actor, commentator, host
Shaddoe Stevens (Sigma Nu) -Actor
Jon Stewart (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor, Host
Jerry Stiller (Tau Delta Phi) -Actor
Joey Stinson (Delta Chi) -Actor
Eric Stolhanske (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Adam Storke (Chi Psi) -Actor
David Sullivan (Delta Tau Delta) -Actor
Nicolas Surovy (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
John Tesch (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Host
Alan Thicke (Delta Upsilon) -Actor
Earnest Thomas (Kappa Alpha Psi) -Actor
Kevin Tighe (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Rip Torn (Sigma Chi) -Actor
Trieu Tran (Delta Chi) -Actor
Ned Vaughn (Kappa Alpha Order) -Actor
Ralph Waite (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Actor
Mike Wallace (Zeta Beta Tau) -Commentator
Keenan Ivory Wayans (Alpha Phi Alpha) -Actor
Robb Weller (Beta Theta Pi) -Host
Adam West (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Brian White (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Dan White (Kappa Alpha Psi) -Actor
Gene Wilder (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Actor
Scott Wolfe (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Actor
Paul Wong (Beta Theta Pi) -Actor
Bob Woodruff (Theta Chi) -News anchor
James Woods (Theta Delta Chi) -Actor
Robert S. Woods (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Actor
Morgan Woodward (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Actor
Robert Wuhl (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Actor

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Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, and Folk Musicians

Len Baker (Phi Kappa Tau) -Sha Na Na
Bobby Bare, Jr. (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Solo artist & vocalist Bare, Jr.
Jeff Beres (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Bass Player, Sister Hazel
Eric Bloom (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Lead singer, Blue Oyster Cult
Brad Booker (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Drummer, Stir
Pat Boone (Kappa Alpha Order)
The Brothers Four (Phi Gamma Delta -four original members)
Ned Brower (Beta Theta Pi) -Drummer, Rooney
Peter Buck (Delta Tau Delta) -Lead guitarist, R.E.M
Felix Cavaliere (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Solo artist, & vocalist, The Rascals
David Cook (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Singer
Stu Cook (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Bass player, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Don Danneman (Zeta Beta Tau) -The Cyrkle
Tom Dawes (Sigma Nu) -The Cyrkle
Bill Deal (Alpha Tau Omega) -Bill Deal & the Rondells
Bubba Dean (Sigma Chi) -Memory Dean
Rick Dees (Pi Kappa Alpha)
Marco Difelice (Beta Theta Pi) -Lead singer, superGARAGE
Matt Dudenhoffer (Phi Kappa Psi) -Lead guitarist, Gravity Kills
The Everly Brothers (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Ferrante & Teicher (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Pianists
Jim Fredley (Delta Tau Delta) -guitarist and vocalist, Milton Mapes
The Four Freshmen (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
The Four Lads (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Kevin Gagnepain (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Bassist, Stir
Art Garfunkel (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Solo artist, Simon & Garfunkel
Joe Garvey (Pi Kappa Alpha) – Hinder
David Gates (Delta Tau Delta) -solo artist and lead singer, Bread
Cody Hanson (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Hinder
Jim Ibbotson (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Guitarist, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Doug Jones (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Cravin’ Melon
Giti Khalsa (Delta Sigma Phi) -Seven Mary Three
Paul Kuhr (Delta Tau Delta) -Lead singer, Novembers Doom
Nick Lachey (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -98 Degrees, solo artist
J. Adam Lawrence (Chi Psi) -Guitarist, Milk the Cow
The Lettermen (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Derek “Yam” Landel (Phi Kappa Psi) -Drummer, The HousePets
Tim Mahoney (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Guitarist, 311
Ray McCampbell (Kappa Alpha Psi) -The Mac Band
Page Mcconnell (Kappa Alpha Order) -Keyboard player, Phish
john mccaughan (Beta Theta Pi) -Solo artist, lead singer, Mister Green
Jay Memory (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Memory Dean
Jim Nabors (Delta Tau Delta) – Vocalist
Jack O’Neill (Alpha Tau Omega) -Jackopierce
Van Dyke Parks (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Singer, songwriter
Les Paul (Tau Kappa Epsilon) -Guitarist
Trevor Penick (Pi Kappa Phi) -O-Town
Cary Pierce (Alpha Tau Omega) -Solo artist and co-leader of Jackopierce
Jason Pollock (Sigma Chi) -Seven Mary Three
Mike Rabon (Sigma Tau Gamma) -Lead guitarist of The Five Americans
Rick Recht (Phi Kappa Psi) -Solo artist and leader of Rick Recht Band
Darren “Dizzy” Reed (Zeta Psi) -Keyboardist, Guns & Roses
Lionel Richie (Alpha Phi Alpha) -Singer
Jason Ross (Sigma Chi) -Seven Mary Three
Jim Rutledge (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Lead singer, Bloodrock
Bryan St. Pere (Delta Chi) -Drummer, Hum
Michael Schwartz (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Singer
The Serendipity Singers (Delta Tau Delta -four original members)
Tom Shipley (Alpha Sigma Phi) -Brewer & Shipley
Paul Simon (Alpha Epsilon Pi) -Solo artist, Simon & Garfunkel
Elias Soriano (Beta Theta Pi) -Lead singer, Nonpoint
Al Staehely (Delta Tau Delta) -Vocalist, bass player, Spirit
Paul Stookey (Delta Upsilon) -Peter, Paul & Mary
Peter Stuart (Delta Tau Delta) -Solo artist and leader of Dog’s Eye View
John Tesch (Lambda Chi Alpha) -Pianist, Composer
Boyd Tinsley (Sigma Nu) -Dave Matthews Band, solo artist
Dean Torrance (Phi Sigma Kappa) -Vocalist, Jan & Dean
Nick Uhrig (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Singer
Phil Volk (Sigma Nu) -Paul Revere & the Raiders
Creede Williams (Delta Tau Delta) -Singer
John Wodarek (Phi Gamma Delta) -The Stickers
Peter Yorn (Delta Upsilon)

Country and Bluegrass Musicians
Duane Allen (Delta Tau Delta) -Co-lead singer, The Oak Ridge Boys
Keith Anderson (Delta Tau Delta) -Singer, songwriter
Steve Azar (Pi Kappa Alpha)
Dierks Bentley (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -Singer
Jason Boland (Lambda Chi Alpha) -lead singer, Jason Boland & the Stragglers
Luke Bryan (Sigma Chi) -Singer
Mark Casstevens (Kappa Alpha Order) -Studio guitarist
Kenny Chesney (Lambda Chi Alpha)
George Ducas (Sigma Nu)
Radney Foster (Phi Gamma Delta) -solo artist, Foster & Lloyd
Pat Green (FarmHouse)
George Hamilton IV (Kappa Alpha Order)
Jack Ingram (Alpha Tau Omega)
Greg Jennings (Delta Tau Delta) -Lead guitarist, Restless Heart
Buddy Jewell (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Singer
Bill Keith (Chi Psi) -Banjo Player
Tracy Lawrence (Sigma Pi)
Travis Lucy (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Deeper
Mark David Manders (Pi Kappa Alpha)
Tim Mcgraw (Pi Kappa Alpha)
Cory Morrow (Phi Gamma Delta)
Michael Martin Murphy (Farmhouse)
Willie Nelson (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Jamie O’Hara (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) -solo artist, The O’Kanes
Randy Owen (Pi Kappa Phi) -Lead singer, Alabama
Rob Piccolo (Delta Tau Delta) -Lead singer, Red Dirt Rangers
David Raybuck (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Deeper
Travis Rush (Sigma Phi Epsilon) -Singer
Rivers Rutherford (Beta Theta Pi) -Singer, songwriter
Christian Simmons (Pi Kappa Alpha)
Daniel Smith (Pi Kappa Alpha)
“Red” Steagall (Kappa Alpha Order)
Steve Turner (Pi Kappa Alpha) -Studio drummer
Leroy Van Dyke (Farmhouse) -Singer
Phil Vassar (Theta Chi) -Singer, songwriter
Robin Williams (Sigma Nu) -Robin and Linda Williams
“Hawk” Shaw Wilson (Beta Theta Pi) -Drummer, Br-549
Paul Worley (Beta Theta Pi) -Producer, guitarist

New Age, Jazz, and World Musicians
GERALD ALBRIGHT (Alpha Phi Alpha) -Saxophonist
MOSE ALLISON (Kappa Alpha Order)
KENNY BURRELL (Kappa Alpha Psi)
DONALD BYRD (Kappa Alpha Psi)
MONTELL JORDAN (Kappa Alpha Psi)
WEBSTER LEWIS (Iota Phi Theta) -Jazz Musician
MAC Mccune (Beta Theta Pi) -Trumpeter
RANDY SABIEN (Alpha Kappa Lambda) -Violinist
BUD SHANK (Pi Kappa Alpha)
BILLY TAYLOR (Kappa Alpha Psi)
JOHN TESCH (Lambda Chi Apha)
PAUL WINTER (Phi Kappa Psi)

Opera Singers
William Joyner (Theta Delta Chi)
William Walker (Phi Kappa Sigma)

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Other Notable Alumni