Rethinking Consultant Training

We’ve spent the past year and a half helping fraternal organizations think about how to train consultants with bigger results. These new employees need to know how to deliver on all sorts of tasks, but what we found was most directors were missing big components to their training schedules–and it was usually in competency development. (This is where we get behavior change in employees and where we can measure competence without guessing or reacting to a gut feeling.) This is a huge miss for two reasons. First, you will never be able to cover everything, and secondly, one of the most important skills is not being able to review a binder, but to be resourceful enough to figure out any problem that arises on the road.

Most of the training schedules we reviewed included a talk from the Foundation director, a talk from the Housing Corporation director and certainly one from the CEO or Executive Director, but at the end of the day, talking to new employees doesn’t get them ready for delivering on the brand promise.

If you are interested to know what we really learned about building competency models, training plans and training schedules, join us for a Zoom chat. We will share insight and anyone who attends will get an extra 30 minutes to book with me to review your current schedule! Plus, we will talk about how to take your training online this summer if you need to adjust.



Apr 16 2020
Fraternity Executives Association


Fraternity Executives Association