Leveraging Your Board: Smart Decision-Making During the COVID-19 Response

Open and productive board discussions are vital now and more than ever. And in light of COVID-19, rapid decision-making is critical for your organization, both for short-term survival and long-term success. For some groups, it’s easy to prioritize speed and efficiency over thorough analysis. And for other groups, leadership will get lost in analysis and paralysis and make decisions too slowly.

Stressful times like this are opportunities to grow and strengthen leadership skills. Leverage your board’s strengths and enhance your own by being able to hear different perspectives and have timely debates result in a better solution.

JGA will also share the latest known impacts of COVID-19 on the philanthropic sector to support your decision making. This webinar is ideal for executive directors and board officers. We’ll answer these key questions for you:
• How can you gather your board’s expertise while also moving swiftly?
• How can you encourage your board members to have honest and productive discussions to best guide long-term decisions to move your organization forward?
• How can you, as leaders, manage those discussions so they help your organization and board members grow?

• Angela E. White, CFRE, Senior Consultant and CEO
• Stefanie Krievins, Coach and Founder, Pro Troublemaker Nation



Apr 22 2020


12:00 pm
Johnson Grossnickle + Associates


Johnson Grossnickle + Associates