Enhancing your Educational Offerings

Do you know where the best brainstorm ideas come from? They come in the shower, while you are working out, while you are driving, and while you are on vacation. Want to know why? Well, if you believe in Murphy’s law it’s because you can’t possibly have a pen and paper in the shower! (Oh, the irony of having an award-winning idea and no place to write it down.)

But, if you don’t believe in Murphy’s law, it’s because you have distance and dreamtime. When you have time to actually think about your projects (especially big, leadership-writing projects) your mind gets to drift, and that drift builds clarity on how to put content together in a much more powerful way.

Well, friends, now is the time (in the era of working remotely) to block out a window to start this process. I own how hard it is to write on your own, so, let’s collect and work on some things together. During this one-hour webinar, we will talk about the five things you need to do to remarkably improve all the leadership content you have to review and write over the next biennium and we will build a list of some great resources we are all using to be more successful in a remote training environment.

Facilitated by Erin Fischer


Meeting ID: 630 805 8841



Apr 03 2020
Fraternity Executives Association


Fraternity Executives Association