Membership Reviews for Alumni Corporations and Others (Part 1)

This two-session program for alumni corporation volunteers and inter/national headquarters staff will walk through a membership review, start to finish.

We know.  In the swirl of COVID-19 news, dire predictions, changes in housing, social distancing, facemasks and a myriad of other challenges, the thought of a membership review may be well off the radar of alumni corporation officers, advisors and others involved with undergraduate chapters.  But as we regain our fraternal footing, there will be those chapters that require more than probation or similar interventions.  Preparation is essential.

And this webinar is designed to assist you, as our folks on the front line, to be prepared in all aspects of a membership review.  We will discuss making the decision, having direct versus implied authority, the logistics of conducting a review including the selection of interviewers (be prepared for several surprises), working with parents, making the decisions, the appeals process, speed bumps and detours, and arguably 90% of a membership review process: putting the wheels back on the bus.

Part 1 will review the logistics including meeting with the undergraduates and setting up the interviews.  Part 2 will review selecting the interviewers, questions to ask, working through challenging interviews, making individual decisions and the appeals process along with getting the chapter back up to speed.



Dave Westol

David Westol, J.D., is Principal and Owner of Limberlost Consulting, Inc. in Carmel, Indiana.  He has participated in or overseen over 140 membership reviews for his fraternity and 18 other national organizations.  He led a membership review for an FBS university band earlier this year.  He has made over 30 presentations on this topic at regional and national conferences as well as fraternity staff and volunteers.  In his spare time he officiates high school football and volunteers with the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) and other organizations.


Jul 28 2020


8:00 pm
North American Interfraternity Conference


North American Interfraternity Conference